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How To Use And Clean The Rose Toy Effectively

How To Use And Clean The Rose Toy Effectively

We are going over the rose toy. This is air technology. Let’s go ahead. 

What Is A Rose Toy?

It’s such a cute toy. It doesn’t really need to be a lot more. This is such an adorable toy. It is focused on air stimulation. It’s so cool. This rose toy is entirely silicone, so you need to use water-based lubricant.

How To Charge The Rose Sexual Toy?

rose sex toy

The rose toy has one button. And before we get into how that operates, we will show you how to put it on the charger. 

Simply insert this into your USB converter and plug it into the outlet of your choice. It features two magnetic components and a sleek design resembling a rose stem, which I find quite impressive.

There are two powerful magnets included. They are strong enough to be picked up with ease using the rose toy. You will hear a satisfying click when they connect. Attach the toy upright on your table, which creates a visually appealing display. 

The button located here will start blinking to indicate that it is charging. The blinking will stop once the charging process is complete, and you’re good to go. That’s how you charge it.

How Long Does It Take A Rose Toy To Charge?

It takes two and a half hours for a full charge, providing you with 120 minutes or two hours of playtime. You can detach it and set it aside when not in use.

How To Use The Rose Vibration Sex Toy?

The rose toy features a single button located here. There are three vibration levels: low, medium, and high, similar to a vibrator. Additionally, four different patterns are available, which we will discuss further. The rose sex toy is backed by a warranty. 

To power it on, simply hold down the button for two seconds. Ready? One, two. You can hear the sound, which is not excessively loud. When placed between two thighs, it becomes virtually silent.

You need to click the button to cycle through the different patterns and find the one you desire. Let’s begin with level one. It’s worth mentioning that the toy is splash-proof, so while it shouldn’t be fully submerged, a bit of water won’t cause any harm. Now, observe level one, focusing on the tip. Moving on to level two, and here’s level three. As you can see, level three provides a notably intense sensation.

Now, let’s explore the various patterns in detail. This is the first pattern; as you can see, it creates a distinct pattern in the water. 

You might even hear some noise, but please note that the water, my ring, and the toy amplify the sound. However, I would be fine with the noise factor. 

Moving on to the second pattern, which also produces noticeable effects. Again, the water, ring, and toy contribute to the audible aspects. Here we have the third pattern, followed by the fourth pattern. 

It’s quite remarkable how the vibrations extend to the bottom of the bowl, generating a significant intensity and contributing to the audible sound.

How Does Rose Toy Function?

The toy operates in a specific sequence. You progress through the levels: low, medium, high, and then the four available patterns. Once you reach the last pattern, it cycles back through the patterns in reverse order. 

Allow me to demonstrate. We begin with low, then move to medium, high, pattern one, pattern two, pattern three, and pattern four. Now, as you can see, we’re currently on pattern four. 

Instead of restarting at low, this rose toy takes you through the patterns in reverse order. So, we’ll now move to pattern three, then pattern two, pattern one, and finally, high. That’s how this rose toy functions. 

If you wish to start from the beginning, turn the rose sex toy off and then turn it back on.

How To Clean Your Rose Sex Toy?

If your rose toy becomes dirty, here’s how to effectively clean it.

Step 1: Power It Off 

To power off the rose toy, hold the button for two seconds. One, two. Now, when it comes to cleaning the rose sex toy, I highly recommend starting by rinsing off any residue that may be present. Then, apply soap and ensure it reaches all areas of the rose sexual toy.

Step 2: Use Your Hands

There are small crevices present in the rose toy. Thankfully, it is made of silicone, which makes cleaning between those crevices easier. You can use your hands to clean and remove any dirt carefully. Treating your rose toys with care and avoiding any form of abuse is important. 

Step 3: Use Soap

So, go ahead, and thoroughly soak and clean the toy. Feel free to use a washcloth for a more thorough cleaning. Ensure all residue is removed, then apply soap and thoroughly lather it to properly clean.

Now, make sure to thoroughly clean the rose sex toy using soap, ensuring it reaches all the necessary areas. 

Afterward, you can safely turn the toy back on and place it back into the water. I’ll go over the steps again, so don’t worry. Please turn it on by holding down the button for two seconds.

Step 4: Use A Washcloth

Using a washcloth can be helpful in opening up any difficult areas to clean. If you have left the rose toy out overnight without cleaning it immediately after use, the fluids on it may have dried. 

In such cases, using a washcloth can assist in drying and cleaning the toy. So, clean it thoroughly, ensure all areas are properly attended to, and align it for storage.

How To Clean A Particularly Tough Area?

If you encounter a particularly tough area to clean, you may find it beneficial to turn the rose sex toy on briefly. However, please note that while the rose toy is splash-proof, it is not fully waterproof. 

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Apply soap to the challenging area and let it sit for a brief moment. 
  • Then, turn on the toy for just one or two seconds (one, two). 
  • Prepare a bowl, cup, or mug filled with water. 

We recommend using a container rather than putting the rose toy directly under the faucet to avoid any potential damage from excessive water exposure. Submerge the head of the rose sex toy in the water-filled container to thoroughly clean it. The toy’s vibrations will help loosen dirt or residue, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Final Words

This guide provides you with instructions on how to use and clean the rose toy effectively. Rose sex toy truly is a fantastic and adorable product that adds a lovely touch to your nightstand.

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