A Rose Toy

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With a rose toy, you have licking, sucking, and vibrating. If you enjoy any of these actions in the bedroom, you truly need to get this. This toy has the power to pleasure you for quite some time. It’s absolutely amazing!

“Tell me that you don’t think that this is a super cool-looking toy!?! The color is fabulous. It charged pretty fast, so if you’re really in the mood, that’s a huge plus! It also really did really well in getting the job done if you know what I mean haha. If you can, use it with a partner!!”-Alison

A Rose Toy Features

This is a two-in-one rose toy. It’s made of soft latex and is surprisingly user-friendly. It is very soft and feels more real. The tongue part moves up and down and vibrates, the licking has a very real feel. It’s amazing.

When you buy this very beautiful rose toy, you may be on the fence about how well it would work for you. But if you try it, it will blow your mind. You will never had a rose sex toy work so amazing.

a rose toy

“I don’t care what you’ve heard about this rose sex toy. BUY IT! I was skeptical before, but am 100% satisfied with my purchase. I have nothing to complain about. The size makes it very easy to hide if needed. My eyes rolled back in my head, my toes curled and I think my pleasure was heard a mile away. Now I can’t get enough of it. Luckily it keeps a charge for a long time. It’s also very easy to clean. Before you buy any other toy, I suggest you buy this one.”-Betty

What Does A Rose Toy Do?

a rose toy nipple sucker massage vibrator
a rose toy nipple sucker massage vibrator

A rose toy can make your sex life happier. You will love this for clitoral stimulation with sex with your husband. It is pretty amazing. The suction was perfect. If you don’t have a rose toy, run to checkout. Super intense and satisfying!!

How To Use A Rose Sex Toy?

This toy has 6 sucking modes and 6 licking modes. You can use this rose adult toy in the bedroom or bathroom. It will make you shaking, and crying and squirting, it is a must get.

You will fell in love with this rose toy. This toy is better then your typical rose, this baby here can hit the Gspot with the licking tongue motion. it is very soft and light weight , fun to use with or without your partner , either way you will explode. A rose sex toy will be very therapeutic and relieve stress.

a rose toy black
a rose toy black
a rose toy red

“Finally got one after all the hype I’ve seen, everything you read is true. This thing rose toy unearthly and made for pure pleasure. If you are easily overstimulated (and are not into that) during and after orgasm, make sure your hand is on the speed or power button hahaha.”-Kaden

Materials Of The Rose Toy

A rose toy is maked of superior grade silicone, it’s safe to use. This rose toy is comfortable to use. The feel is soft and fits well in your hand. It’s not too loud but it definitely feels nice. Don’t hesitate to go for a rose toy and make the purchase. It’s definitely worth it.

a rose toy massage vibrators

“The black rose toy is one of the best toys I’ve purchased,it gets your river running,it has over 6 different speeds and vibrations,highly recommend!”-Alison

How To Charge A Rose Toy?

This rose toy is USB chargeable. You can use PC, power bank or car charger to charge this rose toy.

the way to charge a rose toy
the way to charge rose toy
a rose toy different colors

OMG!!!! This is everything and more!!! I was not expecting this cute little thing to pack such a big punch. Don’t hesitate BUY IT NOW!! Trust me you won’t regret it!!

a rose toy sucking modes
a rose toy sucking modes

This toy has great suction and will hae you at the point of exploding and you will love this rose toy.