Pink Rose Toy

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The pink rose toy is absolutely perfect. The thrusting speed is right, the licking is delightful. You also have the option to just turn one off and have fun with one of them. The combination of the three system toys provides so much pleasure for yourself alone or with a partner. Don’t keep looking for a negative review just to not buy this pink rose vibrator, trust that this is what’s missing in your life!

Pink Rose Toy Details

  • 12 Variable frequency tongue-licking mode
  • Sucking and licking like a man, just like him
  • Safe and waterproof
  • Strong vibration
  • Cylindrical head design
  • USB charging
  • Silicone material

“My wife was very pleased with this pink rose toy, she didn’t really know what to expect from it. But when we used it, she couldn’t get enough of it. It saved me from having to do anything after a long day of work. The excitement it brought to her face was amazing. Seeing my wife enjoy a new toy in the bedroom is a nice feeling. We definitely enjoy mixing things up, and this pink rose sex toy is a game changer.”

pink rose vibrator
pink rose vibrator

Give Pink Rose Vibrator A Chance

You must try this pink rose toy. It will be your first one of its kind, where the dildo and licking part are separate. The dildo, with its in/out function, provides an amazing experience, and the rose component is particularly impressive. We highly recommend applying lube all over the top of the pink rose toy for a ‘wet’ sensation. The pink rose toy is very quiet and has long-lasting charging and power. It’s simple and easy to use, and they are looking forward to its future use.

Let’s hear how Oliver feels about using it.

WOW. I was getting excited with another rose adult toy I was using which was a clit stimulation/ sucker toy. What would happen is that it would take me a while to reach any kind of climax, and I could feel it coming.

I love this pink rose sex toy because I have something inside of me vibing but at the same time, I could use the licker part and place it exactly where I want and kind of control that vibe as I go. Oral stimulators seem to focus on just the tip of the clit while this tongue thing pleasures a wider area and so it doesn’t overstimulate that area. So I just relax and work with the settings that get me going and I could feel an orgasm starting up and instead of all of a sudden getting overstimulated and losing my orgasm…. my orgasm HAPPENED!

And it was outstanding. It was the kind of orgasm where I felt it all over my body and my whole vagina, vulva, and clit area was buzzing for the next hour or so. I felt relaxed and released. I was euphoric. I could feel the blood flowing in my lady area. I felt alive, finally.

pink rose adult toy
pink rose adult toy

The pink rose adult toy actually feels like a real tongue while the thrusting part does its job. It is a tried and true bedroom toy. It’s powerful enough to keep up. The noise level on this is pretty spot on. It doesn’t feel like anyone walking by could hear it.

“This pink rose toy is just amazing! Slide one end inside for some great hands-free thrusting action, and you can also use the other to lick and vibrate the outside. There are quite a few different thrusting, licking, and vibrating modes to choose from and combine – once we found the right combo, she was writhing in no time. We have really been enjoying trying all of the different settings. The material it is made out of feels really nice and soft and is easy to clean, and the battery lasts a long time. We have so much fun with this unique pink rose toy, it really does it all!!”-Rupert