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The Best Rose Adult Sexual Toys For Women

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Rose Toy

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Is the hype real? Absolutely!

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The Rose Sexual Toy For Women

Roses are red, violets are blue
But rose toy can give you violent orgasms too.

✅ Tired of mediocre sexual experiences? Rose toy is for you.
✅ Have no man? Rose toy is for you.
✅ Never experienced a waterfall sensation before? you will.
✅ Not a fan of penetration or having things inside you? This rose sexual toy is the perfect option.

Make sure you’re getting the real original rose toy. Do not get an imposter or dupe. We don’t think it will work.

Suction And Vibration

the rose sex toy is a must have for suction and vibration

Premium Rose Toy On Sale

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The “Must Have” Sex Toy

Why is the rose toy a favorite ? 
It guarantees a satisfying grand finale !!!!! 😏😏💦

Our rose toy lives up to the hype, providing intense yet comfortable suction stimulation.

If you’re gonna use a rose sex toy, we would highly recommend that you put something down, a sheet, a towel, something, because this one will make it rain.

You’re bound to reach climax, so embrace it, embrace it fully
Self care is pleasing you 💋💋 You deserved it. You’re special.

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Features Of Rose Toy

best rose sex toys for women

Multiple Vibration Modes

Our rose toy sucks and offers 10 different levels of vibration modes. Effortlessly navigate through these modes by utilizing the convenient switch, ensuring a customized experience tailored precisely to your needs. You'll have the utmost flexibility

high quality rose toy for women

Superior Material Quality

Our rose toy is crafted from medical grade silicone that feels good to touch. Your intimate well-being deserves optimal protection from potentially harmful materials that can lead to frustrating issues. That's why we have developed a silicone-based rose toy that provides both safety and peace of mind.

rose sexual toys are waterproof


Immerse yourself in waves of orgasmic pleasure during your solo shower sessions with our waterproof rose toy. Its water-resistant design ensures you can fully indulge in the moment without any worries.

Suitable For Any Size

Prepare to embark on a journey of pure pleasure with our rose toy. Delight in the luxurious caresses of the silicone petals as they tenderly stroke your clitoris or nipples, igniting adventurous sensations. At the heart of the rose lies a suction head, skillfully designed to deliver an enthralling assortment of delightful feelings.

rose toy use charge

USB Charging & Long Battery Life

Ensuring your rose toy remains fully charged is effortless with the provided USB cable. Simply plug it into your computer or any USB port, and you'll be ready to go again in half the time compared to similar products. Despite its compact size, this toy boasts an impressively long battery life, ensuring it won't leave you hanging when you need it most. Enjoy uninterrupted pleasure without the worry of running out of power.

rose sex toy suction

Whisper Quiet

The rose toy silently engulfs the clitoris with its gentle suction, granting you the freedom to express your pleasure however you desire. Embrace the joy without any disturbances and relish in the sensations for as long as you please. It is the ideal companion for those intimate moments when you seek delightful company during solitary endeavors.

Friendly To Beginners

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time buyer, we enthusiastically endorse the rose sex toy as a top choice for your intimate adventures. Don't let its innocent appearance deceive you – this remarkable product offers unparalleled focus and intensity.

Easy To Clean

Maintaining cleanliness is effortless with our rose toy – just give it a quick rinse under water and gently pat it dry with a towel, and it'll be all set for your next adventure.

Benefits of Using Rose Toy

😪 Relive stress
😧 Avoid boredom
😴 Help with sleep
😍 Orgasm🤤 Explore new pleasures
🥰 Fill up with self-love

use rose toy with boyfriend

😋Want to experience an orgasm like never before?
🌹 Try our rose suction vibrator!

How To Use Rose Toy

how to use rose toy

Using the rose toy is quite straightforward. Typically, it is held in your hand, but you can also experiment with placing it between your thighs for a hands-free experience. Remember to apply lubrication for added comfort and pleasure. 

Ensure a proper fit by gently spreading your labia before starting. This versatile toy can be enjoyed during solo play or incorporated into partnered sex, particularly in the doggy style position. 

While it is primarily designed for clitoral stimulation, it can be used on other erogenous areas too. If it doesn’t meet your expectations as a clit toy, it can still provide an amazing experience as a nipple toy.

Experience the gradual crescendo of excitement, as each moment builds upon the last, until you reach the pinnacle of pleasure. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating whirlwind that sweeps you away, leaving you completely at its mercy. Surrender to the sensations that envelop you, leaving you breathless and yearning for more.

the best rose toy for women

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Every girl deserves some roses.
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Why Buy The Rose Toy From Us

Behold our remarkable rose toy, a masterpiece combining elegance and practicality, offering a sensory experience like no other. Its exquisite design effortlessly merges the allure of beauty with the convenience of enjoyment. Contrary to initial expectations, it possesses an irresistible charm that captivates all who encounter it. The gentle touch of its texture gracefully embraces the skin, tenderly whispering of countless pleasures that await.

Countless users have placed their trust in this toy for a multitude of reasons, all seeking the sensational experiences they crave.

This is the toy you’ll never stop playing with! Unlike Traditional vibrators our rose toy is very focused , pulsing air suction on the clit to create an Exciting And Erotic Sensation

rose toy really works

The Rose Sex Toy Reviews

I turned 40 this year, which was a bummer. But my Husband and I have decided to try to spice things up to make the age thing a non-issue. I have to say… I’ve bought a lot of toys, my Husband (Past Boyfriend’s) have bought me toys. Not one comes close to this one. This rose toy is by far my favorite yet. I don’t see myself needing anything else in the future. Unless they come out w a new updates Rose. This gets the job done in less than a minute. And repeats (said job) over and over again. With great accuracy. Love this Rose!!! Would suggest every Woman at least try it once. You’ll regret not doing so.. I know that! Thanks for this great Toy! I’d give it 10 stars if I could!! 🙂 :)-Cordelia


Okay so let’s start off with the super smooth texture and design, it’s so sleek and easy to clean and my favorite part : it doesn’t create odor or anything like that. But let me tell you about the actual FUNCTION of this rose. This isn’t a simple “get the job done” kind of toy. This is THE toy. It feels AMAZING, it’s not something my regular vibratory can do honestly. It comes with a vibrating setting as well as a sucking setting, which each have different modes to chose from. You might be thinking “why so many?” Trust me. You’ll appreciate every aspect this toy has to offer. Like I said, do yourself the favor and get this toy! You won’t regret it!-Cheryl


This product is amazing and I would definitely recommend. They toy has many different settings and speeds which is definitely a plus. The battery last a long amount of time and the box that it comes in is super cute! Overall I am Happy with the purchase and most definitely recommend especially for first time users who are new to toys.-Elaine


This beautiful little hand held toy will suck the sound out of you when fully charged. Jut the first setting gets me going. It’s soft and gentle on everything, and is easy to clean with some cotton swabs. One of my favorite toys!-Aisha


The Rose Sex Toy FAQS

The rose sex toy is designed to enhance arousal and increase sensitivity in intimate moments. Its unique rose-shaped clitoral stimulator is carefully crafted to provide incredible pleasure.

It depends on the body part you wish to stimulate. For instance, when using your rose toy to touch your clitoris, a low vibration setting can be pleasurable without being too powerful. However, as you increase the vibration intensity, you may quickly reach climax.

Yes, the rose toy is waterproof, you can use it during shower, and wash it under watertap.

No, rose toy will not kill your eggs. It is simply a sexual toy that provides vibrations and suction sensation.

The complete charging time for your rose sex toy is approximately two hours. When connected to the USB magnetic charger, the button on the toy will continuously flash. Once the charging process is finished, the button will stop flashing, indicating that it is fully charged and ready for use!

You have the flexibility to return the product within 15 days of receiving it and receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.

Our product comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty.

For shipping, we employ the USPS standard delivery method. Please be aware that there might be delays of up to 3 weeks for the product to reach you, occasionally due to restocking. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding as we strive to ensure the fastest and most efficient shipping service available.

No. The rose toy do not cause infertility. No need to worry about that.

You can confidently make purchases buy rose toys in our store as our products are of excellent quality, and we provide excellent after-sales service.

Apply a fragrance-free soap onto the toy, allowing it to sit in a sink filled with water for a few minutes. Subsequently, rinse the toy thoroughly, ensuring all soap residue is washed off with lukewarm water. Then, dry the toy by gently patting it with a towel and place it in a suitable location.

No, rose sex toy is not dangerous.

No, rose toy does not cause radiation.

No. the rose toy does not have emf.

Rose Toy Vibrator Review From Olive

This device, often referred to as a rose toy, has its own unique charm. It's intriguing how a simple name can capture its essence. I personally feel compelled to purchase one for myself. However, I must emphasize that you should exercise caution before making a decision.

Similar to how we advise against drug use, this rose toy is one of those things that I wouldn't recommend.

Despite my own experience and potential hypocrisy in saying this, I must stress that it's not something you should pursue.

Initially, I was unsure about this rose toy's whereabouts since I had placed it on the charger. I thought, "Well, I should probably give it a try since I purchased it." However, the moment you turn it on, it's game over.

I quickly realized that relying too much on this rose toy would diminish the impact of any future encounters with a partner. Initially, I found the concept of this toy quite foolish, but something was intriguing about its design. I hope my fellow black men were paying attention to my words of caution.

Rose Toy Vibrator Review From Fiona

I'm diving in and collecting all the rose sexual toys that I can so we can line them up and get a better feel for these and find the ones that have some upgraded enhancements that are worth the buy.

If you're not familiar with the rose toy, it was a toy that blew up on TikTok. It is rose-shaped, much like the blossom. And since then, many companies have been making their own versions of this toy and adding some extra fun.

So, this is the blossom-sucking and licking 10-function toy. It's from rose sex toy™. I've been impressed with their products in the past, so I was pretty excited to give this one a go.

It is a magnetic USB rechargeable and comes with a cord. It's also waterproof, giving you a little extra fun in the bath or shower. It is a one-button design, so, you kind of have to cycle through. There's no up and down, something to keep in mind.

I'm normally frustrated by those designs, but the pleasure of this rose toy made it worth it. It's covered in body-safe silicone, so using water-based lubrication with this rose toy is best.

Ultimately, you hold down the power button on the front, and immediately it will start one of the 10 functions. There's the air pulse, nipples, or clitoris, and it encourages blood flow to the area. And it's not super sucky, so you don't have to worry about shaving. You don't have to worry about the kind of skin irritation that can come with those intense sucking toys.

And then you cycle through, and it goes through those three speeds and then the seven patterns on this. As I mentioned before, it's fully rechargeable.

This is a really fun rose toy. I felt like it added a little bit more versatility. Sometimes, with those licking toys, if you don't add enough lubrication, I can find that they're, you know, irritating, especially ones that are small like this because there's not a lot that you're going to be using on your clitoris that is this small and going that fast unless you have, like, an oscillator toy that you're using.

The suction aspect of the end was very powerful. If you love the rose sexual toys and you want some extra stimulation, this is definitely a toy to check out.

Rose Toy Review From Elaine

My name is Elaine, and I'm a sex-positive weight loss coach. Tik tok made me buy this rose toy, and it gave me an orgasm in less than three minutes. Let's review the famous rose adult toy from Rose Sex Toy™.

Rose Toy Is Popular

If you haven't heard about the rose toy, this vibrator got popular. It just took off and went viral on TikTok. I would say around the summer of last year. Men and women everywhere have been testifying how it's given them mind-blowing orgasms, how it's making them squirt, how it's making them happen to buy a whole new mattress, literally everything under the sun.

If you've never shopped through Rose Sex Toy™ before, their shipping is discreet. I have been shopping through them since I was 18. I've been using vibrators since I was 16. They have always been discreet on their shipping labels. It just says that you're getting a package from customer service. So unless someone breaks the law and goes through your package, you're not going to know what's inside of it. So their packaging is discreet. You will never have to worry about someone knowing you got sex toys in that box.

Rose Sex Toy™ also always has sales going on. This is why I have so many rose sexual toys. I spent probably over two thousand, three thousand dollars in the past few years just buying toys from Rose Sex Toy™ because there's always something on sale. They literally have the best discounts in the sex toy industry.

And I have been like a full-on rose sex toy aficionado at this point in my life. So if you're looking for affordable rose sexual toys, Rose Sex Toy™ is 100% the place to go.

And even better, they allow you to collect points, hence why I keep going back. Because every time you get points, which are very easy to accumulate, by the way, you get a gift card to the store. And it's just a never-ending cycle. So sign up, go do some shopping, and then when you feel like you want a new toy, go use the gift card that you just got to buy yourself some more toys, get some more points, and start the cycle all over again.

What’s In The Package

So I will give you a close-up look at the Rose Sex Toy™ packaging. Obviously, I just put everything back in the box, but this is what you get when you get the rose toy box.

You've got the instructions on the side where it tells you the features, and then on the other side, you've got the gorgeous little picture of the rose toy. It's simple but effective packaging, and I love how it demonstrates the rose. If I actually put it properly, then you would have been as enamored with this when I first saw the box as I was.

The rose toy is very easy to remove out of the packaging, and I mentioned that because we'll get into a few reviews later on this year where the packaging was honestly the biggest piss off ever.

But when you get it, you've got your rose toy in the plastic container, and then you've got your charger. And I'm sure there was probably a manual with this somewhere, but I was so excited to try this thing that I probably just tossed it somewhere, and it probably got lost between me traveling for the holidays.

So when you take it out, this is your cute little rose toy vibrator. Look at how pretty she is. You've got your petals at the top here. This is entirely silicone, so you got your silicone petals at the top here. You've got your little power button on the side, and at the bottom, you've got a metal base, which is the magnetic charging part that attaches to the charging port.

I’m So Obsessed With Rose Sex Toy

Literally, how adorable is this? I was so obsessed. I was just so freaking enamored with how cute it is. It's like sitting on its little throne because this is the queen of sex toys. The rose sex toy is adorable. I love the entire concept. I cannot rave about it enough just from its looks.

If you don't like the rose adult toy, it'll make great decor. I'm just going to say that. You can put it in the corner of your room, and no one will bat an eyelash because it's like, "Oh, cool, it's a rose decoration."

It’s Easy To Charge Rose Toy

I love this, but it is a USB port, so you just plug it in. You can plug it into your computer, or you can plug it into a normal phone charging port, and it will charge.

I have yet to test whether this can be charged with other magnetic chargers. Realistically, as long as the charging circles are the same distance apart as your other magnetic chargers, it should still be able to charge. But I like putting it on here because it's freaking adorable.

Some Features Of The Rose Adult Toy

So going into the specs of the rose toy, it is an air technology toy.

Now, they like to say it's a pulsating suction toy, but realistically, most of these toys don't suck. They are more of like a pulsating rumbly feeling. At least, that's how I interpret it or how my body interprets the feeling.

But when you look at the rose sex toy, it is a complete silicone toy, like I said. We've got a single power button on here. That power button has a teardrop on it, and because it is kind of etched into the toy, it is easy to feel around and find it if you're playing with it in the dark.

This rose sex toy comes with 10 functions altogether. You've got three steady-state mode intensities, and then you've got seven rather surprisingly powerful patterns.

Rose Toy For Women Is Waterproof

Most of the rose sexual toys I've been purchasing lately are waterproof. If you're someone who does like to play with your toys while you're taking a bath or something, this is the sexual toy to do that with.

And if you're going to use lubricants with this toy, go with a water-based lubricant. When using silicone toys, it's important to avoid contact between different silicone materials as they can cause the silicone to break down. So if you've got silicone-based toys, which are most of my toys, you are going to want a good water-based lubricant. I usually recommend Astroglide. That's the one that I like to use with my toys.

How To Use The Rose Sexual Toy?

To turn on the rose sex toy, you've got your little teardrop power button here, and you'll just hold that down for three seconds. Then it turns on.

It's oscillating on the inside. That's kind of where you got your pulsating technology in there. So when you turn it on, it doesn't have memory, it just goes back to the lowest intensity. And then, once you press the button, that's how you end up cycling through all of the functions. And to turn it off, you just hold down the power button again, and now it is off.

Now, there's time for some vibrator ASMR. We're going to go through all 10 functions, the three steady-state modes, and then the patterns as well. So when you turn it on, you get the first steady-state intensity. Then there's the second steady-state intensity.

You get back to the very first steady-state intensity. So when it comes to this rose toy's power, I was pleasantly surprised. This is definitely in my top power category for a suction-based air technology toy. It is quite powerful, and as someone who is more experienced with using rose sexual toys, I was surprised that I got off in less than three minutes on the lowest setting.

So if you're an intermediate or seasoned pro like myself when it comes to using toys, this rose toy will definitely get you off if you are a power queen.

Is This Rose Toy Great For A Beginner?

However, if you are a beginner, this rose toy can still be great. I would just recommend that you place the opening where the pulsation is coming through somewhere else on your vulva or on your labia before you put rose toy directly on your clitoris. Because if you put it directly on your clitoris and you're not used to the amount of power these toys can have, it may end up being too overwhelming and ruin your orgasm, which we all hate.

So just be mindful that if you're a beginner, this rose adult toy can still be a great choice for you to begin with, but just play around with it, take your time.

And if you're someone who does not like a lot of direct clitoral stimulation, this rose toy may be too much, even on the lowest setting.

The Grip Of Rose Toy

Now, let's briefly discuss the grip of this rose toy because it's quite uncommon to come across a sex toy with a completely rounded shape.

So for me, I'm 4 foot 11, I'm a small woman, my hand is quite small, and this rose toy fits very well in the palm of my hand. Now, with that being said, because I'm 4 foot 11 and a small woman, I know that for the majority of women, especially if you're someone who's above average height or you're just a bigger woman in general, you are probably going to end up doing the claw grip on this toy, which can, from an ergonomic standpoint, end up fatiguing your hand and your fingers. So just be mindful of that as well.

This rose toy will transfer vibration into your hand because the motor is located where you're holding it.

My Rating On Rose Toy

Let's get into the ranking system for this rose sex toy. I gave it a five for ease of use for the rose adult toy. It has one button and one hole, it's very easy to figure out how to use this, and it's super easy to plug in and charge. It's a very beginner-friendly toy and a straightforward toy to use.

It's a very beginner-friendly rose toy. As I said, it's one button, very simple to learn how to use. Now, I think it mayn't come with an instruction manual because it's literally press, hold, press the button, and then hold to turn off. So, a very beginner-friendly toy.

Yes, for me, it is comfortable to hold and press, and I can apply as much power and pressure as I want.

Whether this rose toy is partner-friendly or not, this toy is partner-friendly. It's a rose, and it won't be that intimidating. It's not a phallic toy.

If you have a new partner, it won't be a super intimidating toy to teach them how to use. It's going to have a very small learning curve.

My Tips For Using The Rose Adult Toy

I would not say that I would necessarily use this rose toy during sex. I would say that this would be a great toy for foreplay, just for warming up your partner, or a toy for mutual masturbation.

But I find that because the rose toy takes up such a large surface area, it may be hard to use this, at least in the missionary position while your partner penetrates you. If you were, let's say, maybe in the doggy position, you might be able to get away with using it somehow.

But I feel like the circumference of the rose toy itself may end up interfering if you are in a penetrative position with a male or penis-owner partner.

Does The Rose Toy Make Noise?

Now, let's talk about the noise of this toy. When you turn it on just by itself, the rose toy is actually quite loud. However, when it goes against your skin, it dampens the sound quite a bit.

So when you have this pressed against your clitoris, and you're under the sheets and everything, you don't necessarily have to worry too much about the sound with this.

My Final Words

I would have given this rose toy a 14 out of 15. I would have given it one off because of the ergonomics part. But for me, this toy perfectly fits into my hand. It gives me three-minute orgasms, like, I'm in love with this rose sex toy.

So if you've never heard of rose sex toy™ before, honey, now you've heard of them. You'll start your addiction like I did when I was 18, and welcome to the club. I love it.

Always remember that your fitness goes beyond your aesthetics. It's important that you make sure you feel good mentally, emotionally, and sexually as well.

Rose Toy Review From Alivia

This is about a sex toy. I'm about to do a review on the rose toy.

I want to say, baby, when Aretha Franklin said, "A rose is still a rose, darling, you hold the power," Yeah, the rose toy holds the power. Alright, let's get to the review.

How To Charge The Rose Sex Toy?

First, I'll demonstrate how to charge it.

Let me explain the charging process. This charger is like a magnet with two small dots at the bottom. You simply connect it, just like that. It functions as both a magnet and a charger, making it pretty simple. Just plug the rose toy in.

The Reason Why I Love Rose Toy

Alright, I have to be honest here. I ordered this rose toy about three months ago, and it has been sitting in my closet ever since. I had doubts and thought it couldn't live up to the hype. So, I have yet to use it.

However, I suddenly remembered it and decided to put the rose sex toy on the charger. I placed it on the charger this morning. Why not give it a try? So, I just used it.

In fact, I just finished using it about 30 minutes ago. This is a fresh review, coming straight to you, like breaking news.

This rose sex toy offers 10 different speeds. Yes, 10 speeds, folks. It provides a variety of options. It performs exactly as expected. In just around a minute and a half, it delivers what it promises. It's worth it.

The Rose Sexual Toy Is Perfect For Beginners

I purchased it from Rose Sex Toy Co™. This rose adult toy is perfect for beginners. I understand that some people may have reservations about sex toys or feel unsure about using them. But let me assure you, this one is very user-friendly and easy to use. It only requires about one and a half minutes of your day.

Try Rose Toy Now

Before you use it, let me provide you with some essentials.

Firstly, you'll need this rose sexual toy. Ensure it's fully charged. Additionally, have a towel or something to place on your mattress. I recommend a towel because you never know how your body will react when using this.

I was caught off guard and had to wash my sheets because it was quite intense, and I wasn't expecting it. I thought I would just experience an orgasm, and that would be it. But no, baby, it exceeded my expectations.

Words cannot fully express the sensations this rose toy vibrator brought me. Whether you're single, in a relationship, looking to spice things up, inexperienced with sex toys, or simply feeling bored, it doesn't matter. Regardless of your situation, whether you have a partner or not, and even if you believe your sex life is already satisfying, trust me, order this rose toy.

I want to clarify that I'm not receiving any compensation for saying this. This is an honest review, straight from me to all of you. I won't deceive you, period.

I intended to try out all 10 speeds, but it didn't quite happen that way, my dear. I started with the first speed, yes, I know, and before I realized it, I was done. I was completely satisfied. Then, I found myself staring at this rose toy, amazed by its ability to provide such quick pleasure.

I highly recommend this rose toy. Words alone cannot capture my experience, so you'll have to try it yourself to understand what I'm saying true.

Rose Toy Exceeded My Expectations

I've seen reviews and this item went viral on Facebook for a long time, with people going crazy over it. Initially, I had my doubts.

I was skeptical and thought it couldn't live up to the hype. But let me tell you, this rose sex toy not only met but exceeded my expectations. Honestly, it's unbelievable that I kept it in my closet for three months without realizing what I was missing out on.

I urge you to get one for yourself. Seriously, go get one rose toy because I can't even put into words how amazing it is.

Let me tell you, this rose adult toy is worth every penny. It's incredibly easy to use. Just place your clitoris in that small opening. Find the speed that suits you best. And within a minute and a half, maybe two minutes, you'll be left speechless, wondering, "What in the world...?"

Initially, I was skeptical because you know how the internet exaggerates things. I thought, "They're just hyping it up because that's what the internet does."

But no, they were telling the truth. They weren't lying. I've seen others with blue or purple ones, but I got the red one.

What Can Rose Toy Bring To You?

Let me tell you, this rose sex toy surpassed all expectations. After using it, I felt like a completely transformed individual. It was like a fresh start to a new day.

If you're going through a rough, exhausting, or challenging day and need a break to reset, I highly recommend reaching for this rose sex toy.

After using it, make sure to take a trip to the bathroom, have a shower, and clean up because, let me tell you, there might be some cleanup involved. It can get a bit messy, I assure you.

Even if there was a slight dampness before, be prepared for a potential mess. It won't be a dry spell anymore, that's for sure.

Indeed, using this rose toy can give your day a fresh start. It's as if a whole new beginning unfolds. When I finished using it, it was around five o'clock. About 20 to 30 minutes had passed since then. I felt rejuvenated, like a completely renewed individual.

It was as if I could say, "Good morning. How is everyone doing?" I suggest using the rose toy before heading to work in the morning to see how it sets the tone for the rest of my day.

I need to remind myself to wake up five minutes earlier. I highly recommend this rose toy to anyone over the age of 17 or 18. I'm unsure about the legal age for sex toys, but I suggest you all order this.

Trust me, if you haven't experienced an orgasm from this, you're missing out. Absolutely.

Five Stars For Rose Sexual Toys

My sex life is satisfying. I have a fantastic sex life. But this rose toy, wow, it's amazing. On a scale of one to ten, this is definitely a 10. It fulfills its purpose perfectly.

And guess what? The rose sex toy is waterproof so that you can take it into the bathroom for your needs. Plus, it's quick to use. As I mentioned, it only takes about a minute and a half, and you're done. Just like that.

The cleanup might take a bit longer because, as I mentioned, if you don't use a towel, you might end up like me, with a puddle in the middle of your bed. So now, you have to wash your sheets, which wasn't on today's agenda. But apart from that, yeah, go ahead and order one rose toy.

Everyone. I encourage you all to give it a try and share your experience because words cannot fully describe the immense power of this little rose toy. It's incredibly powerful.

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