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Rose sexual toys are nice because they’re small and easily fit in your hand. Yet they give the expected pleasure in a big way in multiple ways. Better satisfaction ever..”I’ve been using it since 2019. I highly recommend this toy. It is amazing I enjoyed it. If you don’t have one you better run and get this one fast I love everything about it !!” Get rose sexual toys from us today.

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Showing all 13 results

Rose Sex Toy has been around for over 5 years, serving over 12 million satisfied customers. It’s the best place to shop for best-selling adult rose sexual toys, the number one adult superstore where customers enjoy discreet shipping and billing.

What Is A Rose Sexual Toy?

The rose sexual toy is a vibrator, but it uses air pulsations to stimulate your clitoris.

As you can see, rose sexual toys have nice silicone petals on the outside, so it feels really good. It kind of flares out against the skin, and then it has a full silicone body, so it is fully body-safe, free of phthalates, latex, fragrances, and kinds of paraffin.

The rose sexual toy targets your clitoris with intense puffs of air. You have 10 pulsating air functions to choose from, and a nice little LED light to turn it on and off, it has a smooth opening feel and is even better with lube. It’s a great toy to start off with and uh it will not leave you disappointed.

Rose Sexual Toys Size and Features

Now, something to keep in mind with this, if you’re new to the rose toy, maybe you’re like, “I don’t know what they do, why would I use one?”

Rose sexual toys will make it easier for you to obtain multiple orgasms. It is a toy that isn’t going to pull on hair and really hurt at all, so you don’t need to shave to use it. You can keep that in mind.

The rose sexual toy is fully waterproof and submergible. It is rechargeable and includes a USB magnetic recharger. It is a beautiful maroon color, again, right in between kind of red and pink. You can have a set of rose clip vibrators.

How Do Rose Sexual Toys Work?

A rose sexual toy uses air pulsation to encourage blood flow to the desired area, which will then increase your orgasm.

The sexual toy rose is gorgeous. Look at how perfectly they have designed that rose. And it feels kind of nice. The rose sexual toy reminds you of a vagina a little bit but mostly of a rose.

We have our “on” button here, and then you just click to go through all your different functions. So, instead of sucking, it’s going to be pulsating air. There are also some other types of rose sexual toys that suck.

It is quite strong. You will absolutely love this toy because it provides a variety of stimulation, whether you’re playing with yourself or someone else.

How to Use Rose Sexual Toys?

The rose sexual toy is an easy toy to drop in your bag and then use it either on your clitoris, or you could use it on your nipples, your partner’s head, or the shaft of his penis. It is very portable and has that nice magnetic connection at the bottom to secure your vibrator and your charger together.

To use a rose sexual toy, you should turn it on, starting with the first setting. You can get used to it and see how you like it. From there, you are going to hover it just above that area. The clitoris is so sensitive that you will already start to feel some of these gentle air puffs of vibration.

As you become more comfortable with it or as your partner enjoys it, go ahead and start moving it a bit closer to make contact. You can apply pressure or leave it hovering.

It’s totally up to what stimulates your partner the most, so listen to hormones, and you’ll know. You can lift the clip up a little bit or uncover the hood for more stimulation. You can also go up in our settings to find some other settings that may be more to your liking.

But honestly, I like all the settings on this sexual toy rose. Sometimes changing between different settings can help you get closer and closer to climax, or one setting may be your favorite. You can move the rose sexual toy around in circles, up and down, vibrate it with your hand additionally, or write your name in your ABC’s.

How to Charge Rose Sexual Toys?

Sexual toy rose has a nice magnetic charger at the bottom to secure the fiber to the charger for safe charging.

Why People Love The Rose Sexual Toy

rose sexual toys
rose sexual toys

The rose sexual toy is of very nice quality, and this toy feels amazing. It doesn’t feel like a mouth; it doesn’t feel like other vibrators. It is completely unique. So, it’s definitely one to add to your little stash of sex toys.

I really enjoy the rose sexual toy on both my nipples and my clitoris. It’s a great pleasure toy, but it’s also nice when used with other toys or during sex with a partner.

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Overall, I absolutely love the rose sexual toy. It’s very quiet, discreet, and very compact, but it packs a punch. This is one that I’ve used in conjunction with other air pulsation toys, and it’s kind of worn out for me. I really enjoy the rose sexual toy. I get the hype; it gets you there, and it’s cute. So definitely check it out if you are looking to dive into air pulsation pressure wave sort of stimulation toys. It’s a great toy to start off with, and it will not leave you disappointed.

Rose Sexual Toys Reviews

“Yeah, I was in bed, just watching the screen, just lost in the beauty of it. I had time; it was like watching a movie. Oh my god, I just broke another nail off. What’s the problem? Anyway, during that time, I’ll go for some teasers. I mean, when I use the rose sexual toy, I don’t just climax once. I can go at least 10 times, probably in just five minutes if I want to, but if I want to take my time, I won’t let myself climax. It’s kind of like a little tease.”

“As soon as I started using rose sexual toys, I was like, “You know what? That intimate relationship isn’t really all that great.” If you’re trying to get over your man, using rose sexual toy once a day will ease the pain, I swear to God. I promise that you’ll get over your man. Guess what? I broke up with my boyfriend, and I haven’t talked to him since. My nail just broke off. Intermission.”