The Rose Toy For Women

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You will be happy with the purchase of the rose toy for women. It’s truly a game-changer. This toy has good suction, and the tongue that operates in the middle of the suction cup comes with a silicone cover, so friction is at a minimum. Because it looks fast on the fast setting, the other end of the toy for anal pleasure has a really high-speed vibration as well.

“This rose toy is my new best friend, one of my first hands-free finishes in a long time! the suction is so strong, and the textured rubber covers for the “tongue” are mind-blowing. The battery life is great too! I can’t say enough about how great this rose is, if you’re on the fence, I say go for it! the attached thruster hits exactly the right spot, while the “tongue” has a lot of settings that will leave your legs shaking. this is the best toy I’ve ever tried, period!”

The Rose Toy For Women Features

  • 10 telescopic & vibration
  • 3 sucking & vibration
  • IPX 7 waterproof
  • USB magnetic charging
  • Body-safe silicone
  • Whisper quiet
how to use the rose toy for women

Elegant Color Choice

Aesthetically, this rose toy for women scores high. The choice of color adds an element of elegance and style to your massage sessions. It’s not just a self-care tool; it’s a statement piece. With different colors to choose from, each has a high vibrant color, although you won’t be looking at it much haha.

Powerful and Customizable Vibrations

When it comes to performance, the rose toy for women doesn’t disappoint. The vibrations are robust, and the best part is the customization. It offers a range of settings, allowing you to tailor your “you time” experience to your exact preferences.

Precision Targeting

What truly sets this apart is its precision for doing what most men cannot. It effectively targets that area that often alludes to men, leaving you feeling genuinely rejuvenated.

Suction Power

As an added dimension to the experience, the suction power is impressive. It enhances the overall sensation and relaxation during your fun time, giving you that extra layer of “WOW”.

Unique “Tongue” Feature

The “tongue” feature is an unconventional but surprisingly pleasurable addition. It adds a unique touch making each session distinct and enjoyable.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The battery life is a standout feature. It provides a substantial period of uninterrupted massage time. You won’t find yourself constantly recharging it, which is fantastic for those days when you need extended “relaxation”.

Ergonomic Design

The rose toy for women is thoughtfully designed for comfort. It fits perfectly in your hand, making it incredibly easy to use. You won’t experience hand fatigue during your “massage” sessions.

Dual Stimulation Rose Toy

the rose toy for women (7)

Even if you have dozens of toys, but we believe the rose toy for women will be your new favorite. The suction is fantastic, and along with the tongue, it gives you a better moment than any other toy ever has. It comes with two different suction caps, a round one and an oval one, for use on a variety of places on your body.

The suction can be set to cycle on and off, or manually turned on and off so once you find the perfect level of suction you can keep it there. The tongue and the thrusting internal part have several settings so you can find your favorite.

It’s quiet and can be used in the shower or bath, and it can quickly become part of your morning shower routine. The cord connecting the two parts is long enough to use both the internal and external parts simultaneously.

The Rose Toy For Women Is Powerful

Buy the rose toy for women! The number of different ways the rose toy for women can be used in a single session makes it worth the buy alone. There are 10 different licking settings for the tongue, and the dildo also has a vibrating setting and a thrusting setting that is highly recommended!

There are two different attachments as well for the suction feature- both work great, but having the two different size options is useful if one doesn’t fit. It’s been fun discovering what combination of settings and there is still endless to try! You will love how many different things you can do with the rose toy for women as opposed to other products. You will not go back to any of the old toys. This one does it all.

material of the rose toy for women
how to charge the rose toy for women

Must-Have Rose Toy

The rose toy for women is WOW!!!!! It’s a combo of many things that all combined together get you to Oh Wow in no time at all! Vibrations, movement & thrusting are a perfect storm. Charges fast and has a magnetic charger cord that comes with it. People love this kind of charger because it’s just easy. The rose toy for women comes also with 2 coverings for the tongue that are textured with what we call nubbies. Also comes with two detachable different-shaped cups that connect over/around the rose. The toy is as well in a discreet black box for only you to know what is inside!!

the rose toy for women size

Get the Life Sucked Out of You

If you’re thinking about the rose toy for women, just get it! It’s dual-ended and handles both areas down there perfectly. You may have to hold one in place but that’s it. It does everything else for you. It’s incredible! If you like an overwhelming sensation, this is it. A partner to help will only make it better. Sucking, licking, and poking all in one. You better buckle down because the rose toy for women one gives a hell of a ride. Highly recommend.