Rose Toy For Women

You will be pretty blown away by the soft feel of the rose toy for women but even more by the vibration or tongue movement! It has different vibration modes for different needs and it fits nicely in the hand to make maneuvering and positioning so much easier. The rose toy for women is also easy to clean and its size is compact enough that you can store it away easily until next use. Roes toy is fun and exciting and most importantly, it gets the job done! Do yourself an orgasmic favor and get yours today! Be sure to put down a towel or two. You will need them!

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Showing all 5 results

You might have seen rose toy for women, it certainly made the rounds. Our shop sells sex toys, some are really popular ones. For example, the tongue vibrator, it’s literally just like a rose, but it has a tongue on it, you can call it a rose toy for women 2.0.

What Does The Rose Toy For Women Do?

rose toy for women
rose toy for women

Why would you use rose toy for women? This toy is actually pretty nice, it’s as potent and powerful, and it does get the job done. This is a very good starter sex toy. If you’ve never had a vibrator or anything like that, it might look intimidating, but you will feel this is actually a pretty good starter toy.

If you’re someone who has a hard time getting aroused or orgasm in general, rose toy for women might be something that you would want to try. Encouraging blood flow really helps with the sensitivity of that desired area, rose toy for women is something that you can use on the nipples or the clitoris if you choose to.

How To Use Rose Toy For Women?

Rose toy for women has different functions that you can choose from, pretty powerful functions as well. So, you do have the one-button control on the side that you push and hold it down, and then it’ll start. It’s pretty discreet, it is a very quiet toy. And it definitely has some settings on this bad boy.

You don’t have to use all the settings, and that’s one thing I can say with this rose sex toy. You can use every single one of the settings just to feel them out, just to see which one you like the most. To me, the first setting, I personally don’t think it’s powerful enough for me. To someone else, it might get the job done, but I just feel like the first speed, for me, it would just take forever if it even happened.

It is a definite travel must-have or if you’re just kind of trying to keep your playtime private, you can barely hear it at all when you cover it.

Rose toy for women is a good toy to use with your partner or without your partner. All our rose toys are really good, there will be more and more different types of rose sex toys that you want to try out.

Can You Use Lubrication With Rose Toy For Women?

You may wonder if you need to use lubrication with rose toy for women. In fact, you don’t have to, but your toy experience will be enhanced if you decide to use it.

If you do use lubrication, just apply it a little bit on the outside here, maybe on the petals if you choose to. But you don’t need to put it inside because the inside part is not going to touch your clitoris. It kind of taps air; it’s like a surround sound sort of feeling.

There might be a chance it kind of taps your clitoris while you’re using it, but there’s not going to be any need for lubrication in there, as far as that’s concerned. But you know your body better than I do, so definitely give it a try, try a few different ways. But don’t be afraid to bring lube. If you bring lube, though, try to bring water-based lubrication, it works best with silicone toys.

How To Charge The Rose Toy For Women?

Something to keep in mind, rose toy for women is USB magnetic rechargeable, it comes with the cable, so you don’t have to worry about that.

How To Clean Rose Toy For Women?

As far as cleaning the rose toy for women, you can clean it with soap and water, or you can use sex toy cleaner or anything like that.

If you do use soap and water, we don’t recommend using something like that bath and body works stuff. If you want to, you can, but it’s better to use something like antibacterial soap, like Dove or Dial or something like that, just to keep them clean and maintain hygiene. Make sure you dry them off and don’t leave them where they can collect moisture.

Is Rose Toy For Women Waterproof?

Rose toys for women are IPX7 waterproof. This is a toy that you can bring in the bath with you, and bring in the shower, no problem.

Are Rose Toys For Women Easy To Clean?

Rose toy for women is really easy to clean. When you clean, you’re going to want to make sure that you really get in between these little flower petals. It’s really easy to do, and then I recommend getting some toy cleaner on a Q-tip, going around the edge a little bit just in case there are any bacteria.

Again, because it’s waterproof, it makes it very easy to sanitize. You can even run it through the sanitize setting on your dishwasher if you choose to. So, keep that in mind.

Rose Toy For Women With Tongue

Rose toy for women with tongue is slightly different from traditional rose toy because of the tongue on there. It is a little easier to clean than the traditional roses because those have a little more nicks and crevices, this it’s a little more simpler.

If you want something to switch up your routine or something like that, kind of just throw something different in the mix, then rose toy for women with tongue would be good for that.

Is The Rose Toy Bad For Women?

No, the rose toy is not bad for women. It is made from high-quality silica gel. The rosebud vibrator is a clitoral suction toy. This little hole here, you put it on top of your clit. You turn it on, it’s going to suck it, and you will have an orgasm. It has different settings. It is USB rechargeable and waterproof.

Where To Buy Rose Toy For Women?

At, we sell the best rose toy for women, go check them out and get yourself some toys. Whether you get this one