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Different Ways To Use The Rose Toy

Different Ways To Use The Rose Toy

Hey, man, please set aside your egos and refrain from perceiving this as a competition. There is no need for competition. You’ve prepared the main course, which is delicious, alright? However, adding some enjoyment to your evening is fine.

I will give you three ways to use your girl’s favorite rose toy.


Prepare yourself for an engaging conversation. It’s frustrating to hear someone online dismissing the idea of using rose toys. No one is saying it’s a necessity. 

Many individuals, not specifically addressing men, tend to feel uneasy when their partner incorporates a sex toy. It’s not meant to undermine your worth, darling. 

We desire you and appreciate you, alright? We want and need you. However, at times, the rose toy can be an exciting addition. It adds variety and enjoyment. It’s about having fun. 

And what better way to enhance the experience than by incorporating a pleasure rose toy?

Please set aside your egos and refrain from perceiving this as a competition. There is no need for a competition. You have brought the main instrument, which is essential. 

We need it, alright? Just like we need you. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding some fun to your evening.

I will share three ways you can use this rose sex toy on your partner while having a good time.

Different Ways To Use The Rose Toy

Use Rose Toy In Doggy Style Position

A really good way to use the rose toy with your partner is to use it while you are in the doggy-style position.

She is bent over while you engage from behind. Place the rose toy on her clitoris. However, unless you possess some extraordinary ability unknown to me, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to position this on her clitoris while performing other activities comfortably. 

Have her place this on her clitoris. Here’s a small tip for those who haven’t tried this yet, as some might be overly concerned about it turning into a competition.

It also provides pleasure for you. When she places it on her clitoris while you’re engaging from behind, you’ll feel the vibrations through her body. This pleasure rose toy is not just for her, it’s for both of you. 

I strongly recommend giving it a try. So, if you’re in a doggy-style position, have her place it on her clitoris, and you will also experience the vibrations. It will provide clitoral stimulation for her alongside the vaginal stimulation she’s receiving. 

Trust me, and it will intensify her orgasm. Ultimately, women want to experience pleasure and reach climax. Keep that in mind.

Use Rose Adult Toy During Oral Sex

You can use the rose toy during oral sex when you are going down on her and fingering, licking, and doing the things she likes. 

Apply this rose toy to her clitoris, or explore using it on other sensitive areas. If you know she’s particularly sensitive on her thighs or right above her vagina, in that sweet spot beneath her stomach, you can use this as a teasing toy. 

As it is a vibrator, simply place it on the area where you believe she’ll be most sensitive or glide it along her skin. While other options may be more specifically designed for such play, the rose toy is versatile enough to serve your needs. 

If you already have it, this is exactly what it’s meant for. Utilize it, turn it on, and let it vibrate. Use rose sexual toy to tease and explore her body.

Alternatively, you can combine fingering with oral stimulation. Begin with fingering, then pause to give a little lick. Pay attention to her responses and focus on what she enjoys the most. 

You can still switch things up a bit, but prioritize the techniques that elicit the strongest reactions from her. I already mentioned teasing earlier, so let me introduce another technique.

You can tease around her anal area while engaging in rear-entry positions. It’s important to note that this rose toy is not specifically designed as an anal toy but a vibrator. Feel free to explore and have fun. 

However, I’m not suggesting forcefully inserting it between her buttocks. Instead, while you’re engaged from behind, you can gently massage the area along the top of her buttocks and around her anal region. This can provide pleasurable sensations as well. 

So, you have various options to consider. Doggy style isn’t the only position where you can stimulate her clitoris and provide dual stimulation. For example, when you’re on top, she can place it on top of her clitoris.

Use Rose Sexual Toys During L Position 

You could be doing the L position, baby. The L position, that is my favorite, okay?

And that’s pretty much when your girl is on her back, laying straight back with one leg up and one leg out, and you are between her. That is a really good position to be in because you have full range of the punana, and you can do your thing. 

Okay, so I recommend you use rose toys while trying different positions, whether it’s her holding it and putting it in the spot or you are doing it for her.

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