Rose Womens Toy

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This rose womens toy is very fun and super cute!! The “tongue” feature is an unconventional but surprisingly pleasurable addition. It adds a unique touch making each session distinct and enjoyable. This rose toy is a great toy to use alone or with a partner!! Order now, you won’t be disappointed!!!!

“Bought two of these for my fiancé and me, we’re a lesbian couple. Baby when I tell you this took “play time” to another level! BUY IT NOW!!!!”-Doris

Rose Womens Toy Features

  • 2 motors & 10 vibrations
  • Licking tongue vibrator
  • High-frequency G spot clitoral vibrator
  • Soft luxurious silicone
  • USB rechargeable
  • Quiet & waterproof

When it comes to performance, this rose womens toy doesn’t disappoint. The vibrations are robust, and the best part is the customization. It offers a range of settings, allowing you to tailor your “you time” experience to your exact preferences.

What truly sets this licking tongue vibrato apart is its precision for doing what most men cannot. It effectively targets that area that often alludes men, leaving you feeling genuinely rejuvenated. You couldn’t be happier with this incredible sex toy. It’s truly a game-changer.

rose womens tongue vibrator toy

G spot Rose Womens Toy

how to use rose womens toy

As an added dimension to the experience, the power of the tail is impressive. It enhances the overall sensation and relaxation during your fun time, giving you that extra layer of “WOW”. The rose womens toy is thoughtfully designed for comfort. It fits perfectly in your hand, making it incredibly easy to use. You won’t experience hand fatigue during your “massage” sessions.

Elegant Color Choice Of Clitoral Vibrator

pink rose rose womens toy

Aesthetically, this rose womens toy scores high. The choice of color adds an element of elegance and style to your massage sessions. It’s not just a self-care tool; it’s a statement piece. With different colors to choose from, each has a high vibrant color, although you won’t be looking at it much.

Rose Womens Toy Different Modes

The rose womens toy has different modes. This toy is so much fun solo or using with your partner. You will not be disappointed with the intensity of pleasure. It’s comfortable and super easy to clean!

rose womens toy different modes

We like the different settings making it a lot easier to “customize” modes that best suit your needs and want to have a great experience. This rose womens toy is a great product, we recommend if you like a toy with a bunch of different features.

“I don’t know how many times. I walked in, on my wife using this. I bought this for her, because she likes toys and never tried this one. She was very excited to try, because of the many different features it can do. Her favorite is the licking feature, and likes that it doubles up as a vibrator.”-Hugo

Rose Womens Toy Has Long-Lasting Battery Life

The battery life is a standout feature. The rose toy for women provides a substantial period of uninterrupted massage time. You won’t find yourself constantly recharging it, which is fantastic for those days when you need extended “relaxation”.

Why People Like This Rose Toy?

purple rose womens toy front and side picture

Let’s hear what Harris say about this clitoral vibrator: I purchased this over a month ago and I love it! I use it pretty often and it’s mind-blowing every time!! Unlike my other rose toys, the vibration is much stronger, it is also way easier to clean. The toy comes right off with a simple twist and you can just run it right under the water there are no weird little nooks to it that make it difficult to get fully clean. The licking tongue vibrator is fantastic and easy to adjust, and the battery life is very good as well. I use it a few times a week and it has only been charged once so far. I would definitely recommend this rose womens toy!!

Rose Womens Toy Is Made Of Soft Silicone

rose womens toy clitoral vibrator

This rose women’s toy will be the best toy you’ve ever owned! Most toys are so basic and take a lot more effort to get the job done. With this one the most effort you put forth is to position it right, it does the rest of it for me. The licking action is awesome, the tongue is next level! Just WOW! This thing has some power to it so be careful. Definitely a keeper!