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rose sex toy review

Rose Sex Toy Review

It’s Erica here with my first-ever rose sex toy review. It’s only right that the first thing I ever review is. Let me show you what it is because I’m so excited about it. I’m going to be reviewing the rose toy from the company RoseSexToy. Thank you for creating this wonderful bundle of joy.

Women Rose Toy Unboxing

Before I dive into the rose sex toy review, here’s a bit of information about the rose toy. I got mine for around $70, and when it arrived, it came in this box along with a plug-in cord for charging. There’s an instruction manual at the bottom. It arrived quite quickly. Shipping and response time were excellent.

rose sex toy for women review
rose sex toy for women review

The toy lasts for about an hour on a single charge, taking roughly two hours to recharge. Those are the last-minute details I wanted to share.

Rose Sex Toy Review

Now, let’s get into the rose sex toy review.

Starting with the pros, I’d like to say that it’s easy to clean.

I wash it after every use, as recommended. This button here turns it on, which I’ll do now. The top button controls the rose suction portion for your clitoris, while the bottom one controls the vibrator that moves up and down inside your vagina.

The Pros Of Rose Toy

Now, let’s talk about the pros. You can have back-to-back orgasms without ever having to remove it from your clitoris. Use that information as you will. That’s what I really enjoyed about it.

If I want a long session, I’ll primarily use the rose part and leave the vibrator part alone, just focusing on my pleasure. The first time I used this, I experienced multiple orgasms.

Let me tell you, it was magical.

Now, think about this toy. Whenever you turn it on or start playing around with it, it offers 10 different speeds and suction types.

Whenever you go up on the rose part, it transitions from gentle suction to a much more forceful section and then to pulses. It really depends on your vibe and what you prefer.

The Cons Of Rose Toy

One thing about the rose that can potentially be hazardous is it will definitely desensitize your clitoris. So, don’t use the rose every single day because it will take you longer to reach orgasm.

The nerve endings in your clitoris will be irritated and numb. I’d say use it maybe once or twice a week or with your partner occasionally. Not every time, okay? I’m stressing that you don’t want to desensitize your clitoris to pleasure.

Make sure you’re not going at it every single night with this thing because it will affect how you respond to stimulation during sex with someone else.


Overall, I highly recommend this rose sex toy. If you need vaginal penetration, believe me, the rose is the truth, and it will satisfy you.

That’s it, guys. I do recommend the rose toy for women. I haven’t squirted yet, but I think it’s more of a mental thing for me. However, I’ve heard that some women are experiencing incredible pleasures. Give it a try and see if you’re one of them. I’m going to work on it so I can join you all. Anyway, I hope this rose sex toy review was helpful. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section below, and I’ll do my best to answer them or point you in the right direction to get the answers you need to get one of these bad boys.

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