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how to use a rose sex toy

How To Use A Rose Sex Toy?

Today I am going over the coveted rose by rosesextoy. Get ready to bloom with pleasure like never before? Let’s learn how to use a rose sex toy.

This is air technology. It’s such a cute toy. I don’t think it really needs to be a lot more. Look how cute this is. This is such an adorable toy. It is focused on air stimulation, it is so cool and looks great by your nightstand.

rose sex toy on the nightstand
rose sex toy on the nightstand

How To Charge A Rose Toy?

It is entirely silicone, which means you need to use water-based lubricant with it. It has one button right there. And before we get into how that operates, I’m going to go ahead and show you how to put it on the charger.

So, all you need to do is put this right here into your basic USB converter for your outlet, wherever you want to plug the USB, and plug it in. It’s got these two magnetic things, and this whole thing just kind of brings in the design, which I think is really cool. It’s kind of made to look like the stem of a rose, which I think is awesome.

You have two magnets right there. It’s a strong magnet. It’s pretty strong. Like, I think I can pick it up just using the toy. So you go ahead, you pop it on, you stand it upright, and it’ll look literally like a flower on your table, which I think is kind of awesome.

And then, the button is going to blink, letting you know that it is charging. Once it’s done charging, it will be done blinking, and you will be good to go. So, that is how you charge it.

How Long Does The Rose Toy Take To Charge?

The charge takes two and a half hours for a full charge, and off of that full charge, you get 120 minutes of play, which equates to two hours.

How To Use A Rose Sex Toy?

It has one button right here, as you can see. It has a total of three vibration levels, so it goes low, medium, and high like a vibrator, and then you have 10 patterns, and we’ll get more into that.

It does have a warranty. To turn it on, you need to hold the button down for two seconds. And you can hear it. It’s not super loud, and, cushion between two luscious thighs, you won’t hear a thing. And then to go through all of the patterns and to kind of get to the one you want, you do have to click through them.

So that’s how this particular toy works.

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How To Clean The Rose Toy?

Let’s say that you’ve just gotten your toy super dirty. What you can do is you can go ahead and clean it, get that soap up in there.

First, you need to turn it off, just hold the button down for two seconds. Then, rinse off any residue that may be there. Now you want to get that soap really in there and then turn the toy on and put it back into the water. Then you can get your little Cinderella hands on and clean in between all those little crevices. Treat your toys nicely, no toy abuse will be had, okay?

You can take a washcloth and you can kind of help work this open if you have let it stay out overnight and did not clean your toy after you were done using it right away. The fluids that were on it may have dried. You may want to get a washcloth to assist you in drying or cleaning it.

Conclusion On How To Use A Rose Sex Toy

So, that’s the rose toy. There is some big hype on it. This is just how you use it. So if you were curious on how to use a rose sex toy, that is how you use it. It is fantastic.

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