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I Recommend The Rose Sex Toy

I Recommend The Rose Sex Toy

Chyna is a big fan of ours. Let’s see what she said about our rose toy. Discover the ultimate pleasure with the Rose toy! In this post. Don’t miss out on this exciting and empowering journey!


Hi, I’m Chyna, and I’m here with a rose sex toy review for you all. I share my personal experience and review of this intimate product.

If discussing intimacy or exploring this particular product isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to skip this article. This one’s for the mature and confident individuals out there who appreciate love and self-care. So, if you’re curious about this product, its purpose, and how it works, stick around.

We’re delving into an intimate topic here, let’s get into it because I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz about the Rose on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. And no, we’re not talking about flowers. We’re talking about an adult toy called the Rose.

My Friend Recommended The Rose Toy To Me

rose sexual toys

I first came across memes about it a few months ago, and then my friend at work started raving about it. She looked at me like, “Girl, you gotta try the Rose. It’s amazing!” And let me tell you, she convinced me. Seriously, everything she told me about it came true.

Let me show you what it actually looks like because I know some people are curious. Meet Little Mommy right here, and this, my friend, is the Rose. It’s the talk of the town, and trust me, it deserves all the hype it’s getting.

How To Use A Rose Toy?

Now, let me demonstrate the proper usage of the product, okay? Because some people may be unsure. So, right here is the suction. It’s located on the inside. Whenever you use it, make sure the suction part is facing you. This specific part should be facing you.

If any of these parts are not facing you, the suction won’t work. Don’t worry, the suction won’t harm or cause any issues with your sensitive areas. The only time it might cause discomfort is if you’re using it inappropriately or with unsuitable lubrication.

The product has various functions, around 12 different modes, to be exact. Each time you press the button, it switches to a new mode. And let me tell you, it does feel like a tongue. Yes, it really does.

If you have trouble holding on or if it’s too intense, I recommend sticking to either the first mode or switching to the fifth mode. The fifth mode is like an intermittent pattern. But go with the fifth mode.

You can also get a card. It basically advises using a drop of lubricant on your intimate parts. It suggests ensuring that the suction opening of the Rose fits perfectly in the intended position. That’s what I meant by being precise. These are the intended positions: boom, okay, boom, okay, boom. If you’re not in one of these three positions, you’re off. Don’t place it there like that. It won’t have any effect. Avoid using it incorrectly like this. It won’t be effective.

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Is Rose Toy Waterproof?

Also, the rose sex toy is waterproof, so you can use it in the tub or underwater. As I mentioned earlier, the suction is strong enough to be effective without causing discomfort to your intimate parts.

One-year Warranty

I want to mention that it comes with a one-year warranty. So, if you encounter any technical issues upon receiving it, don’t worry. Just contact the rose sex toy™, and they’ll provide you with a brand-new replacement.

How To Clean And Store A Rose Toy?

Another important aspect is keeping it clean. Make sure to clean the rose toy with warm water and soap. I recommend using both for thorough cleaning. Additionally, it’s advisable to store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. That’s just common sense.

How To Charge Rose Toy?

The package includes a USB charger, so you can plug it into a base or your laptop—anywhere with a USB charger. It’s magnetic. Let it charge.

Rose Toy Vibrator Is Powerful

Now, let me tell you, honey. Once it’s fully charged, it becomes even more powerful.

My personal experience with it was mind-blowing, to say the least. Just two seconds, that’s all it took. The Rose is no joke, baby. It lives up to every promise it makes.

Do you know how men talk about “shooting the club up”? Well, with the Rose, you’re gonna make it rain. Just like my friend Tiffany said, it’ll be like, “Shh.” I kid you not, she wasn’t exaggerating. You better grab a 32-gallon or 35-gallon garbage bag, lay it down, put a towel on top, and let the magic happen. Because if you don’t, trust me, you’ll mess up your sheets. I’m giving you fair warning, honey.

Let me tell you, the Rose is so amazing that I’m going to buy one for my mom. She has no idea what’s coming. Seriously, it’s one hell of a product. I truly believe you won’t be disappointed if you decide to explore it with your partner. I can guarantee you it will please him just as much as it pleases you.

So, my only advice is to be intimate, be safe, and enjoy yourself. Everyone deserves some fun in their life, whether it’s through intimacy, traveling, or whatever floats your boat. But I’m telling you, I am head over heels in love with the Rose.

Now, if you’re single and don’t have a partner, that’s perfectly fine. You can use it alone as well. Put up a picture of Morris Chestnut and let your imagination run wild. But I’m telling you, the Rose is amazing. It’s easy to clean, quick to charge, and travel-friendly. Just get a small bag to keep it in.

Personally, I keep it clean, let it dry, and store it back in its box. It’s a truly wonderful product. And a big shoutout to my friend, for introducing me to it. Thank you, girl. You know who you are.

I Highly Recommend This Rose Adult Toy

I strongly believe that spreading love, self-love, and loving oneself is the ultimate goal. When you feel good about loving and taking care of yourself, it radiates positivity. There are far too many miserable people in this world, and if everyone could experience pleasure and fulfillment every day, they wouldn’t be as miserable. It would bring smiles to their faces and improve their interactions with others.

I want all of you to continuously embrace positivity, show self-love, and spread love to others. Women, in particular, should support and uplift each other. Instead of hating, let’s congratulate and appreciate one another. When one of us succeeds, we all win together. It doesn’t matter if I’m winning; it’s about us collectively succeeding.

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All I can say is, have fun and enjoy yourself. Get yourself one; you won’t regret it. And remember what I mentioned about the suction parts. Make sure it’s in the correct position. Imagine this is your Pearl, and it’s facing you. It should align just like that, with the suction part facing you. That’s how you’ll achieve the perfect suction every time.

If you place it on the wrong side, you won’t experience any suction, and you might think it’s malfunctioning. But no, it’s simply because you’re using it incorrectly and not following the directions. Place it on your Pearl or nipple, ensuring it’s aligned correctly, and boom, you’re doing it right.

As I mentioned before, self-love is the best love. Let’s work together, love other women, love other people, and stay positive.

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