Rose Suck Toy

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This sucking rose toy is so good, it has a strong suction, and doesn’t make noise!

This rose suck toy was recommended to me by a friend, because I wasn’t having fun with other rose toys, they seemed too harsh and were more irritating to my skin than pleasurable. But this toy really fits the bill for me in all ways, it’s comfortable, rechargeable, and cute, and no one even thinks it’s a sex toy at first glance.

Rose Suck Toy Features

  • 10 Intense Sucking Frequencies
  • Safe & Silky Smooth Silicone
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

This rose suck toy is no joke lol. It definitely gets the job done. This rose toy is the best thing ever created.

“This is my third rose and this one is the best pleasure I have ever had in my life. At first… I didn’t think it was much but damn this thing has me screaming. Just buy it. Don’t think twice. That suction will have you pushing those damn hips up.”-Gabriel

rose suck toy

Wow, this product exceeded all my expectations! It’s an easy 10/10. I’ve struggled to find the perfect rose suck toy in the past, but this one got the job done in under 2 minutes. My body experienced sensations like never before; it’s incredibly powerful! Plus, it’s water-resistant. My favorite feature has to be the suction function, and the variety of modes is fantastic. After taking just a minute to read the manual, I unlocked all its potential. This thing can get seriously intense! I highly recommend it, ladies!

Different Than Other Rose Sucking Toy

A double whammy for sure! The rose suck toy has a smooth silicone finish and it charges fast and stays charged for some time. (I’d say 3 days at least before the battery needs to be charged) The vibration and movement are powerful but not uncomfortable. The width of the toy is great as well. It’s a double-whammy combo that is sure to please!

sucking rose toy different modes

Let’s hear what Jimmy says: I was hesitant at first to purchase this rose suck toy, but I figured why not, and my god, I can see what the hype’s about. I use it on my girlfriend, and I’ve never seen her roll her eyes back that far. She used it on me, and I could feel my body rising to the ceiling.  The battery life is long. My girlfriend and I went for a long time, and the rose did not die on us right before the finish line. Great product!

10 suncking modes rose suck toy

Rose Suck Toy Is Waterproof

It is interesting. A good feel and concept. You can try the different modes. The rose suck toy is waterproof and the speeds are good. Overall great sex toy, feels magical, and performs well.

rose sucking toy is waterproof

I love this rose suck toy so much. I can’t wait to try it with my fiance! I tried it alone and It was absolutely wonderful. I think this is a great product alone or for a couple to have fun with!! I will be telling all my friends they need this rose suck toy too! I will definitely be trying more rose sexual toys from the!! wonderful wonderful little toy, and also very quiet.

Fun Little Rose Toy

This little rose suck toy is a lot of fun! The power and vibration are powerful! It doesn’t take long to charge, and the quality of this toy is great! It’s very easy to clean also! This is definitely a fun, quality toy to put into your collection.

rose suck toy pink

I have the pink vibrating rose and let me tell you this thing is at the top of my list. So much so that I just bought 2 backups just in case. I’m very picky about my toys. Have tried many of the other sucking toys, spent lots of money on them, and didn’t like them. This rose suck toy though… knock your socks off. Vibrates and sucks. Easy to get just the right position and keep it there. And the price point is crazy. Buy a few!

USB Charging Rose Suck Toy

This rose suck toy charges pretty quickly, and the battery lasts! Powerful motor delivers slow to fast vibrations/motions over a range of settings. Easy to use and easy to clean.

rose clitoris sucking toy USB charging

Let’s hear from a man’s view: It’s evident that my wife thoroughly enjoyed this rose suck toy. While she typically isn’t one for external play, her reactions clearly indicated it was a winner until we decided to take things further. As a man, I found it fun to explore the best ways to use it and maximize its potential. It’s also versatile for nipple play if she’s into that – in fact, it’s probably seen more use there than any other toy. The affordability of this product is another bonus, making it a fantastic value for the price – you really can’t go wrong with it