Best Rose Toy

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This is one of the best accessories to have at your bedside. Great speeds and vibrations. Easy to use and faster to reach climax.  Crafted from high-quality medical-grade silicone and non-toxic ABS, it ensures safety and reliability. Get the best rose toy today.

“I got this for my wife for our date night and she enjoyed it. I like how it came in a nice case and the battery life seems to be going great! I found it easy to clean and I think it can be used for solo or couple play.”-Hugh

Best Rose Toy Features

  • 2 in 1 vibrator
  • 10 intense vibrations
  • Safe material
  • USB magnet charging
  • Waterproof

The tongue-like part of the rose sexual toy is incredibly soft and gentle, with zero sharpness. With 10 different tongue-licking modes, ranging from soft to intense vibrations, you have the freedom to explore and discover what works best for you. This feature is perfect for indulging in foreplay and building anticipation.

best rose toy vibrator
best rose toy vibrator
best rose toys with 10 intense vibrations
best rose toys with 10 intense vibrations

I’ve looked at the best rose toy for a while and couldn’t understand the hype, so I decided to try one out. OMG, this little thing is awesome! I was beyond pleasantly surprised! It is powerful without being painful, and there’s mild enjoyable licking to go along with the thumping. The sensations this little rose sex toy gives are great! It definitely got the job done though just took a minute to get it in the right spot. I love that it’s unique, resembles a flower, and doesn’t look like every other vibrator or dildo out there. It’s easy to clean, easy to charge, holds a decent charge, is easy to control, and is absolutely fun to use! The best rose toy even comes with a pouch to store it in. Definitely a must-have for your adult toy bin!

Get The Life Sucked Out Of You

This is the best rose toy you have ever had. It gets you where you want to be and fairly quickly then it likes to push you even further. The better life is amazing! One charge so far and still going strong! The way it fits different body types is a huge plus!! The box is discreet and pretty.

the best rose toy for women
the best rose toy for women

Let’s hear what Sally thinks about this toy: this is the best rose toy I’ve ever owned! Most toys are so basic and take a lot more effort than I am usually willing to give to get the job done. With this one the most effort I put forth is to position it right, it does the rest of it for me. The thrusting action is awesome, the tongue is next level! Just WOW! This thing has some power to it so be careful. The battery lasts a very long time. Definitely a keeper!

how to use the best rose sex toy
ways to use the best rose toy

Why I Recommend The Best Rose Toy

Toys in general don’t excite me. I have tried different ones and tend to stick to a simple and solid vibration. So when I began getting bored and wanted to spice up bedroom time, I began searching for a new toy.

best rose toy stimulator for women details
best rose toy stimulator for women details

Because I didn’t know what I wanted, I went to an adult store that had different models. The only one I was attracted to was similar to this one but it was $130! So I came back to and searched for something like it and came across this toy.

At a fraction of the cost of the one at the adult store, I only had to wait a few days before it was at my door. I turned the best rose toy out of the box and already the quality was so much better than the $130 one at the store. This one is much softer. It wasn’t very loud either which I liked. I put it on the charger and went to work.

I bought this mainly for the rose side, but I think that’s going to take some getting used to, or I would have my partner use it on me. What I did NOT expect is how much I like the licking side! A toy has never made me roll my eyes in the back of my head or get to the O as fast!

Totally Entertained and Happy

I own a lot of different rose vibrators. Different varieties and such. Haven’t felt the need to purchase anything in a long while. Bored, I was browsing on competitor websites just window shopping, and saw the best rose toy. Well, I don’t have that!

As I’m reading the information I’m thinking that either this is going to be a bust or really interesting. So I went ahead and ordered the best rose toy. Shipping was overnight actually. Funny it came the same night date night was with the hubby so I showed him my new device and got the strangest look.

best rose toy licking flower for women

Fast forward to the good stuff. Ok, it takes a minute or two to figure out the functions but they are easy. And honestly, it almost looks like it has personality. This is one you want to give a name to! Kinda laughing I experiment, and then I stopped laughing. It took a minute to get adjusted but once I stopped being silly I realized this here is something new!

Yes, the tongue really does do its thing. Super soft silicone, I was definitely paying attention. Well once I was worked up enough I decided to play with that feature. Did not disappoint! And hands-free! Can go anywhere!!!! If you are looking for something that is a little bit different from the norm but equally if not more erotically pleasing, spend the money! I’m super happy, I can’t wait for another fun date night, and Mr. Licks is definitely invited to the party!