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Rose Toy-Driving The Girls Wild

Rose Toy-Driving The Girls Wild

If you see this article, it’s clear that you’re open-minded and curious. And I appreciate your interest in exploring unconventional topics. This is a customer review from Claudia. Enjoy.

Rose Toy Review From Claudia

The rose toy has been driving the girls wild. They’ve been raving about it for months now, and I couldn’t care less initially. However, considering all the buzz surrounding it, I thought it was about time I gave it a try. 

The thing that we have here is the rose toy vibrator. This is obviously for the clitoris, and I bought this one after from Rose Sex Toy™. The suction part is strong. 

I didn’t believe the hype at first because I thought that everyone was over exaggerating. But when I actually tried rose toy, oh my gosh, I was in the shower, I was standing up.

rose sexual toys are waterproof
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This is TMI, by the way, so if you don’t want to hear the story, click out, run, do what you gotta do, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, oh my gosh, one hand using the vibrator and one covering my mouth because it is intense. And when I got to my climax, I buckled at the knees, fell down, and pulled the shower curtain with me. So, I would not use this one standing up at all.

And if you’re gonna use a rose sex toy, I would highly recommend that you put something down, a sheet, a towel, something, because this one will make it rain.

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I had a conversation with a friend about the rose sex toy, and she mentioned that it provides a better experience when used during sex. Well, actually, they pretty much said the same thing. Some people enjoy using rose toys by themselves, strictly for solo play. However, others feel that it’s a whole different experience when their partner uses the rose toy on them.

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