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what does the rose sex toy do

What Does The Rose Sex Toy Do?

Ladies, are you looking for something to enhance your alone time, spike your pleasure meter, or just spice up the bedroom with your partner? Hi, I’m Fatma from rose sex toy®, and I’d like to show you what does the rose sex toy do and how the best-selling rose vibrator can take your sex life to new heights.

The Best Female Handheld Sex Toys

What does the rose sex toy do? First off, this is one of the best female handheld toys I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a toy that combines suction and vibrating functions on two simultaneous stimulators. The ergonomic design is made from medical-grade silicone with a two-hour battery life for uninterrupted use. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and feels amazing.

rose sexual toys
rose sexual toys

Before anything else, make sure the device is fully charged. The indicator light will flash when it is being charged and stop flashing when it is at full charge. Make sure to disinfect the product before use with a cleaning wipe or a warm wet cloth.

The rose part of the toy has seven suction modes that mimic oral sex, whereas the other side of the toy is just the right size for some extra fun. To turn the device on and off, hold the power button for two seconds. To start the first telescopic mode, with each additional press, you will cycle through ten different telescopic modes.

Have Fun Anywhere

The quiet design, combined with its portability, means you can have your fun anywhere with a blanket of discretion. Just one of the reasons why it’s an excellent product compared to other toys on the market. Some use the rose vibrator in combination with lubricant for a better feeling and less discomfort, but I recommend staying away from massage oils or hand creams.

Although the item appears to be very durable, if it ever breaks from too much pleasure or overuse, it comes with a 12-month warranty and will be replaced for you at no charge. At rose sex toy®, your health is important to us, so keep the item clean and do not share the toy with others. Have fun, ladies.

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