Adult Rose Toy

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Do not hesitate to buy this adult rose toy just for appearance, the size does not really reflect how powerful this toy is, incredible for personal use and to give as a gift.

“I never had a rose toy until now, I see why everyone loves theirs. I was like oh wow the first time I used it. I love that it has different settings too! Girl let me tell you what! This adult rose toy is the bomb! Literally seconds and I was shaking from head to toe! I love love love this little rose! Definitely buy yourself one and try it! You won’t regret it, I swear!-Remi

Adult Rose Toy Features

This is the latest version of the rose sex toy we’ve developed, and I’m sure you can only get it in our store. This adult rose toy allows you to try tongue licking, high-frequency strong vibration, and micro-click tremor, each stimulation lets you double pores open, let you orgasm constantly, in different modes, and let you experience multiple pleasures.

Say hello to your new friend! This sex toy is extremely intense and pleasurable. You can adjust the settings but, why would you? You’re in for a fun ride but, make sure that you have a hand to hold because you’re going to need it.

“This rose adult toy is amazing! the toy itself is very soft, it has multiple vibrating functions, and my girl had several orgasms each time she used it. Highly recommend! We even bought one for her best friend! If you’re on the fence, just buy it. You won’t be disappointed! Word of advice- start low and amp up as needed- you’ll get there!”

adult rose toy different modes
sex toy different modes
adult rose toy microelectric shock
adult rose toy micro electric shock

Adult Rose Toy Materials

The material of this toy is advanced medical polymer material, skin-friendly silicone, soft and comfortable, healthy five non-toxic, let the pleasure upgrade, more comfortable orgasm enjoyment

This toy is made from advanced medical-grade polymer material and skin-friendly silicone, ensuring a soft, comfortable, and safe experience. With its non-toxic certifications, it takes pleasure to the next level, providing enhanced comfort and orgasmic enjoyment.”

materials of the rose adult toy is safe
materials of the adult toy are safe

Will The Adult Rose Toy Be Noisy?

No, the adult rose toy is quiet, The decibel level of the sound is less than 50 dB. This toy was easy to use and powerful. It’s truly a sensational toy that gives a very pleasant feeling!

adult rose toy is quite
rose adult sex toy is quiet

“So my husband and I love toys. I own the magic wand, and several butt plugs, and wanted to try the rose. I put it on the highest setting and let’s just say I was shaking in about 3 minutes. You will love this toy, I promise you.“-Violet

How To Charge Adult Rose Toy?

The adult rose toy comes with a charging cable, and you can charge the toy in many ways, such as a computer, mobile power supply, etc. We can’t recommend the rose toy enough. Say goodbye to stress and tension – this has you covered!

the rose adult toys can be charged by many ways
the sex toys can be charged in many ways
adult rose toy is waterproof
rose sex toy is waterproof

This little thing packs a punch! Nice variety of settings and plenty of power. It is everything you expect and more. Fast and easy to climax this flower really makes you bloom. You will love it! We really highly recommend it.

“I never in this world imagined how satisfying this toy can be. WOW! After owning this one I don’t need any other. This has taken me to another world, another level I never even knew I had in me. Prepare your bed with extra sheets you will be needing them, WINK!”-Diane