Rose Sexual Toy

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If you want to hit the clitoris right on this is it!! This is the best toy you own. Don’t hesitate to try something new. This rose sexual toy is a great addition to your bedroom! Powerful! Easy to use! Easy to clean!

“My wife used this and it’s her favorite toy to spice things in the bed. According to her, this is the best toy ever.”-Todd

Rose Sexual Toy Features

  • 10 frequency vibration
  • 3 silicone heads
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Nipple stimulator

Small With A Big Impact

This rose sexual toy is one of the greatest creations of mankind. Small with a big impact! This sex toy is nice because it’s small and easily fits in your hand. Yet it gives the expected pleasure in a big way in multiple ways. The different vibrations will leave you speechless. Within one round of using it, it may make you …. 3 times lol. Also, the battery is long-lasting.

ways to use rose sexual toy
ways to use rose sexual toy

Please buy this rose sexual toy! My husband bought this for me (us). Immediately sucked the soul out of me! Lol! It is amazing!! Whoever came up with this is a genius. I have multiple orgasms with this and it leaves me feeling racked!! Love that it doesn’t require batteries. Now I know what Seal was singing about. EVERY woman should have one of these. Guys, this is the ONLY rose toy you will ever have to buy her. Buy It!!

Cute Rose Sexual Toy For Adult

This rose sexual toy is amazing! You will love that it has multiple vibrations. This sexual toy rose has 10 different vibration patterns and all of them are incredible! It is super easy to use/clean. It’s so lightweight and portable too. It’s made out of soft silicone and is super easy to clean especially since it’s waterproof. Small enough to hide but big enough to do the job! Definitely worth the price.

rose pink rose sexual toy
rose pink rose sexual toy

the size of rose sexual toy
the size of rose sexual toy

Rose Sexual Toy Is Made Of Silicone

Good quality, skin-friendly silicone is really soft, and it’s easy to clean.

silicone rose sexual toy
silicone rose sexual toy

The best part of this rose sexual toy is the different head! It has different speeds and it vibrates also! The flower head is nice and open around it so you can use it at any angle or in any spot and push it as hard as you want to your body. It’s really a multiple-use toy and that’s really cool!!

The beautiful design of the rose is so nice also! It is made from this super soft nice material and People really like the overall look and functionality of this amazing little rose!! It’s super duper easy to clean when you’re done and it has a charger that comes with it so you can recharge it instead of having to use batteries and replace them. Just go ahead and go for the rose sexual toy!

Rose Sexual Toy Is Waterproof

Amazing performance! It is easy to use, has great vibration, and is waterproof so added fun. Great alone or with a partner. We highly recommend it.

rose sexual toy is waterproof

Let’s hear about why Lexi likes this rose sexual toy: It works very well – obviously has more stamina than my mouth/tongue so it keeps the GF happy. Size is great since it’s not too small but large enough to generate enough power to keep going and bring people to climax. I like the fact that it has 10 modes so it wouldn’t be boring when you keep on using it. Quality seems good and in line with the other toys that I’ve bought on the market so I’m pretty happy overall.

USB Magnet Charging

This rose sexual toy is USB rechargeable.

USB charging rose sexual toy

Fun To Use

rose sexual toy for women

It’s a mini rose sexual toy and we all know what this rose can do. I love the fact that it’s smaller than the original rose only difference is the rose has a life-like tongue that has different vibrations. The vibration is nice and strong. It will send different arousals and sensations threw ur whole body. The silicone is soft and velvety. It’s easy to clean and waterproof. The battery life is really good. So yes it’s a game changer. Don’t forget to buy one for your sister.