Rose Toy Sexual

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Experience the multifunctional rose vibrator – Combining tongue-licking, thrusting, and vibrations, our rose toy sexual boasts 10 tongue-licking modes and 10 thrusting vibration frequencies. Whether used solo or with a partner, this versatile toy is guaranteed to spice up your sex life with extra fun and passion.

Holy smokes! This thing does everything! Everything! It walks on water, turns water into tequila, whatever. It vibrates, it thrusts, it licks. Do yourself a favor and add this one to the nightstand drawer. This is the only tool in your box.

Rose Toy Sexual Features

  • 10 speed tongue licking modes
  • 10 thrusting vibration frequencies
  • G-spot Vibrating Double Pleasure
  • Waterproof

Whoooooweeee!!!!!! This is a girl’s best friend

The thrusting tail of this rose toy brings much more stimulation to the party. Not only can you control them both at the same time, but they can also be controlled individually. They both have their own vibe functions, so the combination possibilities are insane! Bring your favorite lube if you would like a little extra fun with the tongue! 😉

rose toy sexual for women with tongue licking
rose toy sexual for women with tongue-licking

Get Ready for A Thrill With Rose Toy Sexual

rose toy sexual G+C stimulator
rose toy sexual G+C stimulator

The vibration on the bullet part, combined with its thrust, is so powerful. The flower part is great and feels very realistic, to the point that it was almost startling how real the licking felt. It can go deep or be barely inserted and the sensations are unique and very satisfactory. The texture of this rose toy sexual is soft and smooth, and easy to clean, and the controls are easy to change as well. It charges quite fast as well.

rose toy sexual different modes
rose toy sexual different modes

This little sexual toy rose packs a punch! Amazing! Just keep playing around with the settings until you find the right one for you. Worth it give it a try. If you have never used a sex toy before, this one is very easy to use and great to explore with.

Size Of Rose Toy Sexual

ways to use rose toy sexual
ways to use rose toy sexual

The rose toy sexual is small enough to store in your purse inside the pouch. It is multi-functional. It serves pleasure in 2 areas. It also has different speeds for functions. This rose sexual toy did not disappoint. We recommend this to anyone who is looking for a “fast pleasure”.

This version of a blower and a thruster is of a much simpler design. You will be happy with its ease of use and ability to focus on just one area at a time and then quickly and easily switch to another area and then switch to using both at the same time.

USB Rechargeable

The rose toy sexual is USB rechargeable. It charges fast and always lasts way past what you need it to.

USB rechargeable rose toy sexual
USB rechargeable rose toy sexual

After receiving this toy, I was excited to give it a try. I haven’t tried a rose toy like this and definitely found it interesting when purchasing. I enjoyed the vibrations and movement of both ends. It was enjoyable after using it more.

Rose Toy Sexual Is Waterproof

This rose toy sexual is waterproof. You can use it during a bath. It sucks the soul out of you. You have to hold onto the bed frame so I don’t leave this plain of existence.

rose toy sexual is waterproof

I’ve tried other sex toys before, but this rose toy sexual tops them ALL!!! Very stimulating. Each side has multiple speed and motion settings and they can be used together or separately.  The vibrator part is amazing. I’ve never seen one that moves like this one and it’s almost hypnotizing. The color was just what I wanted. If you haven’t gotten your girl one you’re missing out on the fun. Very strong vibration and great stimulation! A must-buy for sure!