Rose Clitoris Toy

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With 12 different vibration modes, start by placing the vibrating ball on the clitoris, followed by the rose vibrator, which will lead you to the peak of your orgasmic experience. This rose clitoris toy can be used for stimulating not just the clitoris but also for arousing the nipple and various other sensitive areas.

“Glad I am already married, there’s no competing with things stuff like this. My wife loves it, I love how it gets everything fired up.”-Roger

Rose Clitoris Toy Features

  • Internal and external use
  • 12 speeds
  • Remote control
  • Waterproof
  • Rose-like appearance, petite and delicate
  • USB charging
  • 100% completely waterproof
  • The best gift for your lover

Rose clitoris toy packs a punch and will become your favorite! This version of the rose toy is delightful! The dual sensation doesn’t disappoint. Fun with your partner & easy solo. Very quiet & great value. It is easy to use and clean and gets you where you wanna be quickly!

rose toy clitoris 12 frequency vibrations
rose toy clitoris 12 frequency vibrations

I have had this rose clitoris toy for about a month and a half after my other toy broke. This thing is a little genius, I liked how it was easy to use and definitely felt good, especially if you put it in the right spot. It literally takes no time, good power, and different speeds. I will be ordering another rose clitoris toy. I haven’t had any issues with it so far and I don’t have to charge it all the time, the battery life is really good, also the charging is quick. On this thing so for all who are browsing and thinking about it, just order it the price is right, and it actually works.

Remote Control Rose Clitoris Toy

This toy can be controlled remotely, allowing you to experience different happiness. Let’s just say it’s great. You can use it on your partner and she will really love it. And you will enjoy it even more by watching how much she enjoys it. This rose clitoris toy will be your other favorite thing to spice up the bedroom.

remote control rose clitoris toy
remote control rose clitoris toy
ways to use clitorial rose toy
Iways to use clitorial rose toy

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you need something for when your man is not with you. And let me tell you the truth, you have to lay a towel down when using rose sexual toys!

This Sex Toy Will Not Disappoint

rose clitoris toy different modes
rose clitoris toy different modes

The rose clitoris toy can add more enthusiasm to your sexual relationship. It feels nice to the touch. it is easy to manage and the battery life is more than you expected. There are not a lot of steps involved in using this toy. Just hold or press and you’re on! Ladies look no further. This is IT! Whether you want to use it with your partner or by yourself, this rose clitoris toy will not disappoint.

USB Fast Charging

You can charge it via USB, and it adds a level of convenience to its usage.

ways to charge rose clitoris toy
ways to charge rose clitoris toy

“Love this cute little toy. It lasted several days… but it’s so great, it only takes a few seconds 😂 you probably just won’t have 1 if you know what I mean. My guy is a bit older and doesn’t put out enough, this saves the day lol.“-Mariya

Rose Clitoris Sex Toy Is Waterproof

The rose clitoris toy is waterproof, so you can use it during a bath.

“Bought this after a friend recommended it and it has been a good time!! It is powerful but also quiet which is nice for privacy. It can be used under water so fun in the bathtub and shower. The buttons are easy to operate and this toy holds a good charge. Easy to clean after use and would recommend you give this one a try.”-Livia

rose clitoris sex toy is waterproof
rose clitoris sex toy is waterproof

This might be my new favorite toy. It took me a few minutes of experimenting to get the settings where I liked them (there are a lot of different vibration patterns) but once I did, whew! The part of the rose is soft, it maintains the perfect level of firmness, ensuring that the clitoral stimulation never falls below what you want. The rose part was the star of the show. I’ve never had a “flicking” vibrator before, but I am so very glad I tried this one out. I would absolutely recommend this rose clitoris toy! It’s also smaller and more discreet than a regular-sized vibrator—the perfect travel size.

Rose Toy Clitoris Make Low Noise

This rose clitoris toy is absolutely mind-blowing! It can give you so much pleasure. You may doubt your body have enough time to run out of endorphins before it’s never used. You will love the color, and the minimal noise, and we highly recommend getting it.

rose clitoris toy makes low noise
rose clitoris toy makes low noise