Rose Toy With Tongue

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The adorable rose toy with tongue provides 10 enticing patterns that mimic the sensations of oral pleasure around your clitoris, intensifying your satisfaction to climax. The movement of the tongue has so many settings! Should buy!

“I love how much thicker the tongue part is compared with others I’ve tried. It feels more realistic and it’s able to withstand a higher level of pressure whilst continuing to function. There are three steady speed modes and the rest are patterns. If you want to replicate the feelings of oral sex then this toy is for you.”-Grace

Rose Toy With Tongue Details

  • Double vibration experience
  • 10 frequency vibration modes
  • Strong and powerful, but make low noise
  • Waterproof
  • USB charging

Because of the tongue-like piece in the rose and the attached vibrator working together is mind-blowing. You can have an orgasm 10x faster than 90% of other toys. You even don’t need a man since you’ve gotten this rose toy, but it would also be great to use and play with your partner.

rose with tongue sex toy
rose with tongue sex toy

Right from taking it out of the box this item is an awesome and exhilarating rose sexual toy. Comes in a bag and magnetic charger. She had never used a toy like this before so we were skeptical at first but when we turned it on all skepticism was gone. At first, she used just the tongue and some lube and she then used both pieces at the same time and she was hitting orgasm after orgasm. Definitely a toy that we would recommend and very easy to clean as well.

Rose Toy With Tongue Different Modes

This rose toy with tongue has 10 vibration modes. You can adjust the vibration frequency to find the pattern you like best.

rose toy with tongue different modes
rose toy with tongue different modes

If this is your first time buying a rose vibrator, you will be literally mind-blown. It usually takes a little while to orgasm, but baby, this toy will have you in a chokehold. The packaging is perfect because there aren’t any labels on it to reveal what’s inside the box. The speeds are amazing, and the tongue will be your favorite part. Go get yourself one NOW!

Rose Sex Toy With Tongue Makes Low Noise

This rose toy with tongue is very quiet. Very powerful. Soft, durable material. And so much fun to use.

rose toy with tongue is quiet
rose toy with tongue is quiet

“Whew, chileeeeeeee..where do I start? This has easily become my FAVORITE toy! My husband and I like to foreplay with sex toys and the traditional rose has been getting boring. This little baby game in the mail and that tongue will have you talking in tongue lol. I didn’t last a full 30 seconds the first time we used it. It hits every single spot, the battery lasts forever and the material is premium!”-Mikayla

Silicone Rose Toy With Tongue

The silicone is incredibly soft, and gentle on the skin, and the rose toy with tongue is user-friendly. Cleaning is a breeze – simply use soap and water, and wipe it down with a gentle cloth.

rose toy with tongue is made of silicone
rose toy with tongue is made of silicone

“Get it now and you’ll thank me later! This is my first time purchasing a rose toy like this; I’ve previously only tried classic vibrator dildos with a clitoral stimulator and no thrusting options—nothing quite like this rose toy with tongue. Let me tell you, this thing absolutely blew my mind. While it took a little bit of learning, being my first toy of this kind, once I got the hang of it (which was easy, by the way), it delivered an out-of-this-world experience. Since I received it last week, I’ve used it twice, and both times I achieved 2-3 orgasms in less than a minute. The ‘tongue’ feels incredibly realistic.”-Brett

Is Rose Toy With Tongue Waterproof?

Yes, rose toy with tongue is waterproof, you can use it when you have a bath.

rose toy with tongue waterproof
rose toy with tongue waterproof

Whoa! Where do I start… it’s freakin amazing.  It’s not loud, it’s not too heavy it’s just right. It serves its purpose amazingly. I don’t think I’ve ever been as pleased with a sex toy as this one. The tongue movement feels so life-like. It’s easy to remove and easy to clean.  Would definitely recommend this rose sex toy with tongue!

How To Charge Rose Toy With Tongue?

The rose toy with a tongue is USB rechargeable. Upon receiving the rose toy, please ensure that the power is sufficient. We recommend charging it for 2 hours before use. To turn it on, long-press the power button, and to switch between modes, simply short-press the tongue-lick button. Choose the mode that suits your needs, and let it accompany you through a wonderful night.

rose toy with tongue USB charging
rose toy with tongue USB charging

“I love the “tongue” feature of this rose sex toy so much! It has various settings and speeds. This is my favorite toy out of all of my other ones! The material is so soft and is very easy to clean. I’ve used this frequently and I still have not had to charge it! I definitely recommend it!!”-Lisa

Size Of Rose Sex Toy With Tongue

This rose toy with tongue is portable, you can put it in your bag, and take it everywhere.

rose sex toy with tongue is portable
rose sex toy with tongue is portable
rose toy with tongue package
rose toy with tongue package