Rose Suction Toy

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Buy yourself a flower. It’s worth it. This rose suction toy will be a favorite for you! You will not regret this purchase! “

This thing is wonderful.  Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say it definitely works! And it’s so pretty, soft, and the perfect size. It doesn’t vibrate too much and has powerful suction. I prefer things that suck rather than lick but I really enjoyed this. Especially when I add a little suction toy to the fun. My husband enjoys adding it to our fun time as well!”-Bessie

Rose Suction Toy Details

  • 3 colors to choose from
  • 12-frequency vibration suction
  • Easily switch intensity to climax with just one button
  • A touch like a real person
  • Double ended design
  • USB charging
  • Waterproof

Very lightweight and easy to use. My husband and I love this new rose toy, love the trusting feeling at the same time enjoy the suction, I have tried 3 other types this one definitely has good suction to it and the speed and battery aren’t bad either. I definitely would recommend the rose suction toy to anyone who loves dual pleasures!!

rose suction toy double pleasure
rose suction toy double pleasure

Our GO-TO Little Helper

I have always had trouble getting to “the summit” without help. I used to simulate my C on my own. This got very tiring, especially if we got at it multiple times during the week. This is my husband’s and my go-to every single time now. It is the only thing we use and it has enhanced our time together greatly. Often we are able to get there at the same time. This rose suction toy is waterproof and cleans well. We are so grateful to own this sex toy!

Rose Suction Toy Material

This rose sexual toy definitely gets the job done. Nice material and different speeds on each side. You will love it!! Our rose suction toys are made with silicone material, safe and hygienic. It is soft and easy to clean.

rose suction toy silicone
rose suction toy silicone
use the rose suction toy during bath
use the rose suction toy during bath

An Essential Addition to Your Sex Toy Collection

This rose suction toy is an essential addition to your collection. It proves its ease of use, catering to both one-handed and two-handed operations. You will strongly enjoy using this, partaking in the experience hands-free. Crafted from top-notch materials, this toy boasts a versatile range of robust settings for each component.

rose suction toy different modes
rose suction toy different modes

Despite the substantial intensity of the vibrations, the discreet operational noise will impress you. Its inconspicuous sound profile makes it suitable for diverse settings. Undoubtedly an essential addition, this rose suction sex toy promptly delivers the desired outcome, unlocking moments of unparalleled ecstasy. The intensity is perfectly balanced, never becoming too overwhelming.

Rose Suction Toy Gets The Job Done

rose suction adult toy
rose suction adult toy

The thrusting function on the other end is impressive. You don’t need to be a magician to control both ends, as the thrusting dildo remains inserted, allowing you to focus on the clitoral stimulator part.

“I’m currently single, so my personal use of this may be limited, but this rose suction toy offers a lot of exciting possibilities when used as a couple.” -Tamsin

There are numerous ways to utilize each end, with approximately nine different thrusting options and nine distinct suction options. This rose suction toy is truly outstanding. It’s especially great for someone who has chosen to focus on personal growth while being single. It provides a similar oral and penetration experience to having a partner without the actual need for one, which is, once again, remarkable.

The packaging is incredibly discreet, arriving in a sleek, rectangular, small-sized box with no logos or markings that could hint at its contents. For individuals who prefer to keep their solo sex life private, this discretion is always appreciated and is one of the first things when ordering a new sex toy. Enjoy your experience!

Rose Suction Toy Is Waterproof

The rose suction toy is waterproof, you can use it during a shower. You will absolutely adore the flower end and the various settings it offers. The fact that it’s waterproof is a bonus, and test out that feature by yourself!

Let’s hear what Xanthe says about this rose toy: Bought a rose because I have never climaxed before and wanted to finally see what it felt like. My friend suggested the rose toy so I gave it a chance. When I tell you I climaxed two times the first time using it. This small toy had me swarming and shaking like never before. If you contemplating buying JUST DO IT!

suction rose toy is waterproof
suction rose toy is waterproof

The rose suction toy is absolutely incredible. You can use either end separately for a great time. The thrusting end is smooth with a comfortable fit, causing a massaging sensation. The rose end, well, she knows what she’s doing! Both ends have different speed settings so you can find the combination that works for you. It’s very quiet but very powerful!