Sexual Toy The Rose

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A budding rose? No, it’s the rose sexual toy! The 9 sucking and vibration functions of this romantic and charming will bring you joy. “This toy was recommended to me by a friend because I wasn’t having fun with other toys, they seemed too harsh and were more irritating to my skin than pleasurable. This sexual toy the rose really fits the bill for me in all ways, it’s comfortable, rechargeable, and cute, no one even thinks it’s a sex toy at first glance.”-Eliana

Sexual Toy The Rose Details

  • Waterproof and rechargeable, perfect for use in the bath or shower
  • 9 unique modes, including flapping, vibration, and sucking, to satisfy your every desire
  • Luminous eggshell to make it easy to find in the dark
  • LED nightlight adds a fun and whimsical touch to your playtime
  • USB magnetic charging feature, taking only 1 hour to fully charge
rose vibrator sucker clitoral sucking flap
rose vibrator sucker clitoral sucking flap

“I’ve looked at these rose toys for a while and couldn’t understand the hype, so I decided to try one out. OMG, this little thing is awesome! I was beyond pleasantly surprised! The rose toy is powerful without being painful, and there’s mild enjoyable suction to go along with the thumping. The sensations this little toy gives are great! I love that it’s unique, resembles a flower, and doesn’t look like every other vibrator or dildo out there. It’s easy to clean, easy to charge, holds a decent charge, is easy to control, and is absolutely fun to use! It even comes with a pouch to store it in. Definitely a must-have for your adult toy bin!”-Eryn

sexual toy the rose Vibrator for Women
sexual toy the rose vibrator
sexual toy the rose usb charge

Why People Love Sexual Toy The Rose

Easy to hold, easy to control, easy to get off. Quieter than a lot of toys as well.

sexual toy the rose lighted rose vibrator
sexual toy the rose lighted vibrator

If you’re someone who tries to get a couple of things going on down there at once, it is a bit large and can get in the way, but that comes with the style of the toy. You will prefer it with the insert removed, for a wider area of coverage, but it’s not drastically different. Holds a charge very well too! You can’t imagine more expensive versions doing anything meaningfully different- save yourself some cash and go for this.

sexual toy the rose light design
sexual toy the rose light design
sexual toy the rose waterproof
sexual toy the rose is waterproof

Size Of Sexual Toy The Rose

The sexual rose toy is great and the perfect size for anywhere and anytime. It has a long-lasting charge that takes no time. It is easy to clean and use. A great product to have for a fun time.

sexual toy the rose size
sexual toy the rose size
sexual toy the rose with LED nightlight

Great For Solo Or Couple Play

The tapping settings on this device are strong and last over an hour. The detachable piece helps it build suction, and when you take it off you can enjoy just the vibrations. Great for solo or couple play!

“My partner and I enjoyed experimenting with this toy. I loved it so much a got a second one as backup!”

sexual toy the rose gift for her
sexual toy the rose gift for her
sexual toy the rose can be used in may ways
sexual toy the rose can be used in many ways