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Rose Toy Review-Go And Get It

Rose Toy Review-Go And Get It

Today I am bringing you a review of the famous rose toy from the brand Rose Sex Toy™. There are a ton of knockoffs of this toy. I would definitely go with the original brand Rose Sex Toy™, if you are going to get this toy because usually knock-offs are not very good. (This is a customer review from Claudia. Enjoy.)

What Is A Rose Toy?

This is a clitoral suction toy; as far as clitoral suction toys go, this is one of the best for its price range. I have tried suction toys that were a lot more expensive than this rose toy, and honestly, I like this one just as much if not more.

What Material Is The Rose Toy Made Of?

The rose sex toy is covered in 100% medical-grade silicone, but if you get a knockoff you could be getting something that isn’t real silicone or isn’t entirely real silicone, so that’s the risk that you’re taking.

How Long Does It Take The Rose Toy To Charge?

To give you some quick-fire facts about the rose toy, it is rechargeable using a magnetic charging base and USB cable.

I could not find any information on the packaging about how long this rose toy takes to charge, or how long the charge lasts, but in my personal experience, I have only charged this once since getting it. 

I charged it straight out of the box, and it has not died since using it for at least an hour.

Can You Use Rose Toy In Shower?

This rose toy is waterproof.

I have used this in the shower and have been fine. You can totally run it under water to clean it, but I would not recommend dropping this in the bathtub.

It has three speeds and seven patterns and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Is It Easy To Use The Rose Sex Toy?

This rose toy absolutely lives up to the hype. It is so wonderful to hold, feels really soft, and is just like good quality, and it is aptly named because the tip is shaped like rose petals that are very soft and pliable.

The outside of the rose toy does not vibrate at all, but if you enjoy the grinding sensation, it might feel good to rub these petals over your clit because they’re very soft.

It is wider than other suction toys, so I was a little bit worried that it wouldn’t be able to fit between my labia to actually suck on my clit, but I found I didn’t have any problems with that.

It just definitely takes one or two hands to hold this and then also hold my labia open.

How To Clean A Rose Toy?

Because of the amount of space in between the petals, you do definitely want to make sure that you are cleaning the rose sex toy thoroughly with soap and water and letting it air dry fully before you put this away anywhere.

How Does The Rose Sex Toy Works?

As far as the suction settings go, this rose sexual toy is extremely powerful. Even at its lowest setting, it starts off very intense.

Personally, I have to warm up with my hands or with another more gentle vibrator before I would put this rose toy on my clit, but if you are someone who tends not to be satisfied by vibrators that just don’t get as intense as you would like them to, this could potentially be a good option for you.

For me, suction toys feel incredibly pleasurable. 

Because of the combination of suction, which increases blood flow to your clit, and the tapping sensation that comes from the moving mechanism in the back of this hole, it feels similar to a very rumbly vibrator. 

Rumbly vibrators move back and forth more than buzzy toys, so this almost mimics the sensation of a rumbly vibrator. Although I will say the degree to which you feel that tapping sensation can definitely vary depending on the size and shape of your clit.

Does The Rose Toy Make You Squirt?

So, let me go into how this could potentially feel different on different bodies. 

Before you buy a clitoral suction toy, especially if you have bottom growth or a larger clitoris, I would definitely pay attention to how large your clit gets when it is erect and also look into the specific dimensions of the clitoral suction toy you are looking at to see if your clit will fit into the hole.

the rose toy (3)

Rose Sex Toy™ lists the width of this hole, it’s wide enough, and I think it is about as deep when the pulsing mechanism is as far out as it goes.

I have bottom growth from taking testosterone for four years, but I don’t pump super often, so I have bottom growth, but it is not as big as it could potentially be. 

So, for me personally, my clit fits inside of this hole, and it goes in as far as it possibly can. When I use this rose toy on my body, the pulsing mechanism in the back of the hole touches the tip of my clit, so I really feel the tapping sensation very intensely. I feel the tapping more intensely than I feel the suction.

If your clit can’t fit inside of this hole, you can still just place this on top of the tip, and then you will likely feel more suction than you will feel tapping.

There is no gap on the inside of this hole on the rose toy for my clit to get stuck, so this has never been painful or uncomfortable for me, even though it doesn’t necessarily fit on my body the way that it would on a cis woman’s body who has a very small clit.


This rose sex toy is one of my favorites in my sex toy box, and if you also want to add this to your collection or buy your first sex toy, go and get it.

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